Observing a Grim Anniversary

Twelve years ago, Julie Kibuishi and Sam Herr were both brutally murdered.

Twelve years ago, the Kibuishi and Herr families were forever changed in the worst possible way. 

Sam Herr should be 38 years old now.  Perhaps he would have become an officer in the Army. He might have been married.  It’s quite possible Steve and Raquel Herr would be grandparents now.

Julie Kibuishi should be 35 years old. Julie was extremely talented and creative. Maybe she would be a successful fashion designer. She might have been married. Perhaps she would have been a mom.

These kinds of thoughts probably fill the thoughts of Sam’s and Julie’s loved ones on a regular basis, but on this day, on the day they were taken away, the pain must be overwhelming.

Writing this blog, writing my book (we’re nearly finished), certainly doesn’t make me blind to the horrible results of my friend’s selfish and cruel actions. 

My sympathies go out to both families on this tragic anniversary.