My Friend’s Name is Daniel

Game changer time.
It’s time to name names.Daniel Patrick Wozniak, for example.

Go ahead, Google it, I’ll wait.
That’s right folks. Bye bye pseudonym!  This blog is about to change.
As I told you in my last post, I’ve been having an “existential crisis” because Pat didn’t know I was writing a blog about our relationship.
And the only way to stop stressing was to just tell him about it.
This made me nervous, but I couldn’t say exactly why. It wasn’t like I was afraid he’d be angry at me.  My concern was that he’d feel I had violated his trust.
It’s probably weird to most people, but Daniel has become a good friend in the past eight months and keeping this from him bothered me.
I hadn’t used his real name, but it wouldn’t take a cyber genius to connect the dots from the description of the crime.
On Friday May 22, I visited him at the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana and I told him.His reaction floored me.

Instead of being upset or even concerned, he seemed amused.
I reassured him that I wasn’t using his name though, so no worries there…
He asked me, “Why not?”
This seemed like a foolish question on his part.
“Umm…I don’t want to write anything that will get you in trouble.”
He laughed.
Yes, OK, that statement is rather ridiculous considering where I’m visiting him.
Basically, he said that there’s already a ton of stuff written about him and most of it’s bad, so go ahead and use his real name.
I’m guessing he thinks what I write will be all good stuff.