Slammer Slang

Person who shares your cell.  A cell roommate.
New prisoners who have just entered the system.
Green Light
To be marked for death by other prisoners.
High Class
To describe someone who has hepatitis C.
Inmate who is out of control, idiotic, does stupid things.
A letter or note written by a prisoner.
Protective Custody (for high profile cases like Pat’s).
Prize of the Poor
Death Penalty.

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18 thoughts on “Slammer Slang”

  1. To be “green lighted” does not, necessarily, mean marked for death. Some narrow, and, I suppose important distinctions, that is if it’s you that’s been green lighted, are that it means anybody has permission to jump, stomp, beat, or kill you. This one IS important because in California’s prisons, as many others, race is all important. If the “Heads” of the whites puts out a “hit” (death) or a “tune up” (ass whipping), then it must be whites that do the job. The races do not mix at all. However, a green light means it’s open and it’s system wide.
    P.C…..yes, P.C can be for high profile cases, but more often it’s for people hiding out…IE, they owe money and can’t pay, they have a sex offense in their history, they’ve been spotted engaging in homosexual activity, stealing, ect ,ect.
    And nobody really says “fish” anymore.
    Cheeto—-A male inmate that pretends to be female
    “A rip”–a roll your own cigarette
    “Tailor made”—a factory rolled cigarette
    “The House”—your cell
    “Tighten up”—a warning about your overall behavior
    “The Honeycomb Hideout”—- PC (protective custody)
    “Crash Dummy”—Convict that keeps getting caught doing stupid things.
    “A wreck”—–getting an ass beating for making a dumb mistake.
    “Checking in”—-requesting protective custody (PC) out of fear for your life.
    “Your Ride”—best friend, convict you trust most
    ” A Buster” a nobody. A weak loner type.

  2. You need to choose better friends, I hope Daniel Wozniak suffers a gruesome violent death and suffers and goes through extreme pain. If that was someone I loved or my family, I would go mid-evil on their ass.

    1. Blaze, perhaps “burning at the stake” in a town square would be more suitable? Something that would make Torquemada
      “himself” proud?

    1. Yes I can and I have.

      Letters are his only form of communication until he is moved out of the reception area at San Quentin.

      1. If “she” is me – then I get my information from writing to Daniel, talking to him on the phone, and visits.

        Thank you for reading the blog.

    1. I was replying to a comment from Mike Jones on 12/23/16
      “Marie, why in the heck would you want to write to him.”

      1. It seemed odd that you would ask about one of the people who commented on your blog and not others. Mike responded to Marie’s question on your blog that you answered. The question was, “Can you write to Daniel Wozniak at all?” You can see that Mike’s comment is directed toward that question, so it was odd that you would want to know about Marie. It is especially odd since you answered Marie’s question just before you posted Mike’s follow-up question.

        1. Honestly, I catch up on the blog and Facebook comments when I can, and that is often while on my iPad. The app isn’t as user friendly. I didn’t see those posts together. I’m not sure how important this is in the scheme of the blog topic, but there you go.

          Please don’t take that to mean the comments aren’t important to me. In fact it’s just the opposite. It’s my need to clearly answer comment questions that causes me to not always have the time to properly respond.

  3. Personally if I were choosing a convicted killer to write he would not even make the list. He is mind numbingly dull. There’s nothing remarkable about him no matter what angle chosen to view him from. It appears he was an entitled, immature, selfish, cowardly, and most apparent, unintelligent being. We can then add that he believed, whole heartedly, he was a gifted actor, delusional. He’s less than basic and most bland. A better subject would make for a book, he at most is a newspaper article, and that’s been done already.

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