Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you writing this blog?
A: I’ve always been interested in true crime, and in learning about the mindset of a person who could commit murder. I knew Daniel Wozniak before he was a killer and I wanted to understand how that man could do the horrible things he confessed to doing. Also, I like to write.

Q: Why are you friends with Daniel Wozniak?
A: I know Daniel Wozniak is guilty of horrific crimes, but for better or worse, I am able to separate the person from those actions. I see more to Daniel than just the worst thing he’s ever done, and I believe he does have goodness inside him.

Q: Why do you use a secret identity?
A: Originally it was because Daniel didn’t know I was writing a blog about him. I wasn’t comfortable using his name without permission. Then I didn’t use my name because I was getting a LOT of threatening reader comments during Daniel’s trial. Now, I’m just waiting to “introduce” myself in the book.

Q: Don’t you care that you might be hurting the families of the victims?
A: I care a great deal. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I always try to be respectful when writing about Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi, and I do my best to be understanding of the pain Daniel caused their loved ones. Maybe my book will even answer some questions for them.

Q: Why do you defend Daniel Wozniak?
A: I did often play Devil’s advocate during Daniel’s trial. I asked questions and voiced doubts about what was told to the jury. However, I do not defend Daniel’s actions – I just try to understand them.

Q: Why haven’t you responded to my blog post comment?
A: I would love to reply to all the comments left on the blog, but I’m afraid I just don’t have very much free time. For now, I’m using my available time to work on the book. I do truly appreciate when readers take time to write comments. Also, it’s so interesting to read your comments to each other.

Q: What does Daniel Wozniak think about this blog?A: “It’s an interesting and unpredictable roller coaster ride.” But he says “He always enjoys reading it.”

 Q: How can you let Daniel Wozniak take advantage of you?
A: I honestly don’t believe he is taking advantage of me. Our friendship is a two-way street. He never asks me for anything. I never send him money. I’ve bought him a couple of books for birthdays or holidays, and I do pay for the collect phone calls from jail. But since I’m constantly barraging him with questions, I figure that’s fair.

Q: How can you give Daniel Wozniak all this attention?
A: I’m just giving people more insight into a story that had already received a ton of media attention long before I started writing my blog.

Q: Will your book about Daniel Wozniak be objective?
A:I think it will be as objective as any true crime book. I am not trying to make Daniel Wozniak look like a saint. I won’t be claiming that he’s not a murderer. I’m merely sharing another side to this story. And much of it makes more sense to me than the official version.

Q: How can I contact Daniel Wozniak?
A: Here is his address:
Daniel Wozniak
CDCR# BB-1116
Salinas Valley State Prison [A•5•233]
PO BOX 1050
, CA 93960

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