Dear Reader,

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Thank you for reading, and, since you’re here, for deciding to go all the way back to the beginning.

I began writing this blog in January 2015, long before Daniel Wozniak’s trial. He hadn’t had his day in court yet, and as his friend (and a true crime fan), I wanted to write the blog with an “innocent until proven guilty” stance.

It’s two and a half years later now. I’m working on a book about Daniel Wozniak, our friendship, and his crime, so I decided it would be a good idea for me to review what I’d written at the beginning.

I made some jokes in those early posts that I do not love, and I can see how some readers might take offense and stop reading the blog right then and there.

I could easily go back and edit those old posts to take out any embarrassing parts I don’t like. But that’s not being honest, is it?

I just want you guys to know that I know my early posts were a little rough around the edges. Keep going. It gets really interesting… and the story is far from over.

— Murderer Musings
August, 2017

7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Your comments are genuine-always. You are wise enough to know to write with your heart. Comments & opinions are much like applause or jeers- to be taken with a grain of salt-good or bad. YOU know when it’s good-& good usually comes flowing from your pen & never pondered . So keep singing from your heart kid & damned the detractors!
    You are brave.

    1. Dear well-meaning person,

      I feel very sorry for you because you have no experience with psychopaths. If you did, you would realise that the person you are defending is using your naivete.
      Take my advice please and although I am not for the death penalty in any case, no matter how brutal the crime, and in this I support you, do not let yourself be manipulated by this despicable human being.

  2. I think it is very important to look back at how you have changed and grown as a person since your friendship began with Daniel. Quite often people see things in black or white when it comes to criminal justice. When you or a close friend or family member become part of that system, things can take on shades of gray. Bravo ……..may your journey continue.

  3. There’s one thing that bothers me in this whole case. Daniel had to know that once the detectives found Julie’s body in Sam’s apartment but couldn’t find Sam they would obviously monitor his credit cards and banking transactions so they could track him down. Daniel knew there were cameras at the ATM that’s why he got that kid to withdraw the money. Did Daniel not think that once the police found Wesley that Wesley wouldn’t tell the cops that Daniel Wozniak gave him the ATM card to withdraw money? And because of that I’ve always wondered if at some point Daniel had a plan to kill Wesley to keep him from talking but wanted to get as much money as possible first.

  4. I really don’t understand why you are so fascinated with the guy. Because you got in contact with him? So you met a real murderer.

    He murdered two People for Money in cold blood and he wasn’t very clever doing it. Using this teen to collect the Money from the ATM wasn’t very clever, giving his brother a backpack full of evidence to destroy was stupid. He had two People as witnesses for his crime who coud testify against him.

    He was not as good an actor to pull of his innocence in the police interrogation, so he finally confessed to everything.

    He killed two innocent People an tried to Frame one of them with murder. He got arrested days after his crimes.

    Nothing do be fascinated by.

  5. What is fascinating to me is HOW this maniical psycho thought he could get away with these murders. It was so stupidly planned and executed (pardon the pun) that it’s very difficult to believe he actually thought he could get away with it — the murders and money. He has to be very immature, stupid and soulless to think he could kill two people and have someone withdraw money from Sam’s bank account and then not have it traced back to him. What an incredible waste of two innocent people and now so many lives have been affected by the killings. And somehow, Murder Musings, you have empathetic feelings towards him. The lovely families of these murder victims deserve your empathy, sympathy and compassion, not this psycho-killer.

  6. I’ve always enjoyed your blog. It’s a compelling story, told with compassion and thoughtfulness. I too choose not to judge a person by their worst day.

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