6 thoughts on “Existential Crisis”

  1. Hi! What are you going to do now that Daniel’s been found guilty?? Any new criminals to reach out to or trials to focus on?

    1. I still have way too much to write about Daniel and his case. No matter what, I’m still going to be friends with him. I’m not looking for any other topics right now. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Hello M2,
    Can you set up some kind of ToC or navigation? The only thing I can do is hit the START AT the BEGINNING link, so I always lose my place and end up reading large chunks out of order.
    And, I should apologize for a less than nice reply i drummed up in response
    to another readers post.

    1. Hi Douglas… Matt, the site manager, writing here. The Start at the Beginning link will feed the blog posts in chronological order, but if you want a more selective navigation, you can also use the monthly archives links. But for reading in order, the Start at the Beginning archive is the way to go… page by page, it will take you through from the beginning to the end. Thanks for a great question!

  3. Cool stuff. Fellow T.C. fanatic here. We’re not weird btw, common place these days. I realize this comment is wayyy after the fact. But. Your writing is an enjoyable style, btw, you make it easy. I don’t believe he was using drugs, my opinion if course. Most people, 99.9% of the ppo., my estimate, would not cut off someone’s head even if we were on drugs. Mho, he’s a psycopath. No one obviously knows what other things he’s done in his lifetime, nor would we want to. I’ve yet to read any interviews or comments from his family, I find that odd. Maybe these are out there, I’m just not aware of them. And if his family had not spoken out then it’s pretty obvious they have history tgey dont want revealed. I mean, have his parents even acknowledged the gravity or expressed convern or heaven forbid, love. Y.t.

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