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  1. I don’t think you should write a book. I think your lackadaisical tone on such a delicate subject do not fit the genre, and your “friendship” with the perpetrator very obviously taints your ability to take an objective look at the facts.

    1. I appreciate your opinion. I’m taking it with a very small grain of salt. Thank you for commenting though.

      1. I honestly don’t know what sort of book you could write. i don’t get the feeling that you’re really trying to get to the truth behind the crimes and why he did what he did. It does seem like you’re star-struck and you seem to write in a ‘teenage diary’ sort of way – what with exclamation marks and your earlier posts about wanting to send him a ‘hot’ photo of you.

        I saw “That Chapter” and he suggested we read your blog if we’re curious. I’m curious. I’m reading. But I do think it would hugely benefit you if you learn a lot more about sociopaths and psychopaths and really try to unpeel who this guy really is and really examine if he’s manipulating you, which he really seems to be.

        I’ll keep reading, but I’m not a huge fan of the tone (ie. using “super this” and “super that”. It would be a more satisfying read if you tried to write in a more literary fashion. It just seems like a really young, starstruck murderer fan wrote this blog.

        Best of luck

  2. Though I enjoy reading your blog, the way it’s set up really confuses me. It places your articles in the opposite order as they were written. When I scroll down after reading for ten minutes and see “Part One,” I scroll back up to discover that I’ve already read through “Part Two.” Is there a way to fix this? I want to read everything in the same order that it was written.

    On a side note, I’m really enjoying reading your blog. I will comment with some substance at a later time once I’ve read a little more content.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Taylor — like most blogs, the front page is set up to display the most recent post first (reverse chronological order). However, if you want to read things in chronological order, you can click the “Start at the Beginning” link in the sidebar… or, you can click the dated archive links in the sidebar — each month of posts is displayed in chronological order when you click on the applicable date.

  3. Courtney, would you then suggest that Ann Rule should not have written “The Stranger Beside Me” That is by far the best Bundy book ever written, and mainly because she knew Ted Bundy so well.

    1. Nick,

      This is the first killer perspective reading I have done and so far I am intrigued. Did you read “The Stranger Beside Me” and if so, how was it? Also, have you read any other books from the killer’s perspective that are note-worthy?


      1. “The Stranger Beside Me” is fascinating. I highly recommend it.

        “True Story” by Michael Finkel was also a great read.

        Truman Capote did extensive interviews with the killers of the Clutter family in his book “In Cold Blood.” A classic in the true crime genre.

      2. I haven’t read any other books where the author knew the killer personally before the murders came out other than “The Stranger Beside Me”. That book came from a completely different perspective than any crime book. I highly recommend it.

        That said, I am really looking forward to the book that you are writing about this case Musings.

        1. Thank you Nicholas!

          “The Stranger Beside Me,” is a great book.

          I also really like Michael Finkel’s book “True Story.” It’s the story of Christian Longo – a man who murdered his wife and children. He then went on the run, and actually told people he met that HE was the reporter Michael Finkel. That is how Michael Finkel met Longo. He started to visit him in prison after learning Longo had used his name.

        2. Dear author,
          I know Im late to the party but do not listen to these people telling you how to write about sociopaths and psychopaths. I for one enjoy the tone. Sometimes people joke in serious situations because thats how we deal with it. We cant all be serious “karens” and hold out pinky up while drinking tea. Thats boring. Stay you. I for one have been enjoying your style of wriiting up until this point. I hope your humor doesnt change as i keep reading.


  4. Matt Murphy is to be respected and commended, your buddy Daniel is a colossal piece of crap! So is scott sanders. Bye Felicia

    1. I agree.
      Matt Murphy is an excellent trial attorney who has been the lead prosecutor in many murder cases.
      He is to be commended for his ability to break down complex sets of facts and make them understandable for a jury to arrive at a verdict.

  5. Don’t worry, I’m sure (nay positive) no one was thinking about you quite as often as you appear to think about yourself.

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