7 thoughts on “Murderer Musings and the Media: Dateline”

  1. No dateline did not even try to show who Rachel really is. No media can be trusted at all period ever. They show what they think people will want to see not the truth. What influence do you think you have?

  2. I must say again – you seem to have more influence over Daniel than anyone else. And it seems to stem from his caring about you as a friend. You should really exploit that caring and influence because I am convinced that there is more to tell about Rachel’s involvement in the murders. I am also suspicious that Daniel did not commit these crimes alone. See if your influence can’t help crack this case.

  3. Interesting. Was the male victim when incarcerated on a murder charge in l.a. for 2 years a providor of information service to folks. There is another person of interest at that level who gives false information as part of a theft pattern but unknown if involved as such in this case.
    Rachel found not to be involved by da expert correctly. The father of the male victim seems way off. Did he help justice for the young latino his son lured and was killed in a gang despute and should not have been allowed in us armed forces and what influence did he use to have his son not sentenced to life with his gang pals and to get him in military. The whole matter is sad waste of life and time.

  4. Kudos! Sociopaths never quit I will give them that. You must be terribly pleased with yourself being his gatekeeper! What an expert manipulator he is! He gives you exactly what you want; but when you pull back you see that he is STILL just using you. But hey, profit is in the wind right? Shameful.

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