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  1. I have a question for you.
    I understand when an opportunity presents itself it’s best to jump on it. However morally – how are you okay with yourself after trying to make a name/buck off of two absolutely horrible deaths? One of them being my friend Julie. Obviously the interview didn’t happen, or just hasn’t happened yet.

    1. As I stated in the post, I didn’t do the interview because it was too costly and I was not willing to sell the interview. I don’t use my name and have not made a cent. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend.

  2. Today Friday July 15th. I stopped by the second floor of the Central Courthouse where Rachel Buffet had her hearing. It was a little after 8:30AM. I poked my head around the corner to look down the west wing of the second floor and I saw Mr. Herr (Sam’s dad) waiting outside. Rachel’s and Tim’s case will bring out a lot more circumstances out in the open, where as Daniel’s case was pinched off by a confession. Rachel’s case was continued out to November. For me, it will be a more intriguing case to follow. It will be more revealing and less intense.

      1. Yes. Rachel Mae Buffett’s case 12CM3397 was continued out to November 10, 2016. Anyone can look up her case on OCCOURTS.org under Criminal & Traffic on any personal computer at home.

  3. How is it that you are friends with him, and how can you continue with your friendship knowing what he did to others? I can sort of understand if you are family, but apparently you aren’t. Also, I suspect that once people know that you continue your friendship with him many would treat you with distdain…Is how people are treating you?

    1. I think I answer many of your questions throughout the blog, and I hope you’ll continue to read it. Oh and nope – no disdain. Not even a tiny bit.

  4. You have blocked me from your blog and your FB page because of my support for the victims. However, you have also blocked my helpful information, so I suspect you will not post this latest comment from me. As I have posted on my FB page and as posted on the OCDA’s webpage, you can get court information here, http://orangecountyda.org/media/newscase.asp. You need to click the link each day you want updated information because the “blobload” file name changes with each update.

    1. There was absolutely nothing in your comment that couldn’t be posted. Thank you for sharing that information with the readers. Also, your “support for the victims” was never the cause of you being blocked.

      1. You also fail to post any comment where I support the death penalty. Daniel Wozniak is the perfect example of a murderer who deserves the death penalty. His actions were cold and brutal, he targeted innocent people, he was motivated by money only, he used a semi-automatic pistol, he lured *both* of his victims, he used the compassion of his victims against each of them, he used multiple accomplices, and he is the epitome of “heinous” murderer.

        1. Lauren I’m terribly sorry that I didn’t properly emphasize your support of the death penalty. Hopefully your statement here will assure any readers who doubted your enthusiasm. Thank you for comment.

          1. I never asked you to “properly emphasize [my] support.” What a bizarre comment for you to make. I said, you never posted any of my several comments where I do support the death penalty or where I say Daniel Wozniak is guilty.

  5. U repeatedly have said u could gain recognition for ur writing which equals make money that is what cs is referring to. Make a documentary write a book that equals make money on other peoples tragic stories. I agree with cs, morally I dont know how u can do it, I couldn’t capitalize off of people i didn’t even knows deaths… Anyhow was looking for an email from u regarding the comment by a fake Debbie do…. ???

    1. I did email you actually. I used the email attached to this comment. I’ll send it again. :)

      By the way, didn’t you say you were going to write a book as well? I remember that from one of your comments.

    2. Sycophant- a self-seeking, servile flatterer; a fawning parasite. (From dictionary.com)

      Murderer musings, are you a sycophant in regards to Wozniak?

      It is edifying to examine one’s conscience. God cannot be fooled.

      I ask Wozniak, as a practicing Catholic, to go to confession. Pray the Rosary. Please fully turn to God through the sacraments. Eternity is a long time. I would like Daniel to have “Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament” book, and “Loving Jesus With the Heart of Mary” book. These two books were read daily by Mother Teresa. Murderer Musings, good friends have concern for their friends’ souls. Can you please buy these books off amazon and give them to him?

      1. After Daniel is sentenced and can recieve books, I will send them to him (unless he already has them).

        I don’t fawn or flatter when it comes to Daniel Wozniak. I fawn over my kids, but I’m guessing that’s not what you meant. I wanted to give you an honest answer, and I asked people who know me if I could be considered “self-seeking,” and the answer was always a resounding “no.”
        One person even said “pffttt.”

        Thank you reading the blog and for caring about Daniel’s soul.

  6. I can’t figure out how he got Sam’s PIN number to access the bank machine. haven’t seen that in any reports.

    1. A good question that wasn’t answered in court.

      I think I know how it happened. I suspect that Sam gave his PIN number freely to someone he thought he could trust.

  7. Would an audio only interview be cheaper?

    Guess it’s too late now anyway since he’s in San Quentin.

    I believe you when you say you weren’t trying to make a buck and it name for yourself, but the first thing that comes to mind when I see those complaints is, if you were trying to make a name or buck for yourself by writing about this case, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Daniel reminds me a lot of Thomas Bartlett Whitaker.

    1. I am writing a book, and I do want people to read it. I’m not the only one either. I don’t envision it leading to fame and fortune. I’m not much for fame. Like anyone, I wouldn’t be cranky about fortune.

      I think it’s interesting when people see Daniel’s case on TV, but don’t complain about how Dateline, 20/20, and 48 Hours have all made money off of this crime. What makes me different from all of them? Every one of those shows tried desperately to interview Daniel. They all wanted to put him on TV. But he will only talk to me because I am his friend and he trusts me.

      I think I saw a 20/20 episode about Thomas Bartlett Whitaker. I just Googled him and it looks like he writes from death row in Texas. Interesting.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Its laughable when people accuse you of the same thing and yet watch 20/20 and read about other crimes. I’ve just recently heard of this case and spent the last few days reading and enjoying your blog. I use to read lots of true crime stories and I understand why you befriended Daniel. I would always wonder what made them tick. Try to understand the why.

  8. I feel for Julie Kibuishi and the family members of both the murder victims, as well as Daniel’s family and friends.
    However, I do have some issue feeling the same level of sadness for Sam Herr *if* he is in fact guilty of participating in the Benito R. gang related stabbing and murder that happened some years ago.
    If he was involved, I don’t care that he was a vet, he was a murderer, just the same as Daniel.

    1. Julie Kibuishi was quintessential innocent victims. But Sam was very much a victim as well. His murder was devastating for his family.

      Sam was acquitted in the Benito murder trial. I understand your feelings though. The Benito case added a very strange layer to this whole story.

      Thank you for taking time to leave a comment.

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