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  1. The full truth has not been told!? If that’s the case, what was the trial all about? I thought that was one of the main reasons for holding a trial in the first place: i.e. to clarify who did what and to whom and why. Daniel didn’t have his day in court? Of course he did. The fact that he or his defense team chose not to have him testify is his or their prerogative. Perhaps if he would have had a “smarter” defense team, the jury might have found some extenuating circumstances, which may have had some mitigating effect on the final outcome. He could have cried, begged, fainted, or screamed on the stand. He could have blamed it all on his sad childhood and upbringing. Who knows what could have softened the hearts of some of the jury members. But, to say NOTHING on your own behalf? What have you got to lose? It’s your life that’s hanging in the balance! Personally, I don’t believe that Rachel was in any way involved in the crime as it was being played out. Perhaps she had a minor part to play AFTER the fact. Frankly, who cares? The impotrant thing is that Daniel basically confessed to the police his part in the murders, and he did not involve anyone else in the crimes. That was his prerogative. He had his day in court. That is the full truth. Nothing more can be said. It’s all a bit too late.

    1. I do understand your thinking here, but don’t forget, just because an attorney wants to bring information in front of a jury, doesn’t mean the judge will allow it to happen. Could more information, more witnesses, more evidence come to light in the future? Yes. Especially if an appeals court believes the evidence should have been allowed in the first trial.

      As far as Daniel taking the stand – Not common in most murder trials. I often put myself in Daniel’s shoes and think that I would have wanted that opportunity to plead my case. However, there’s so much more to it when a defendant gets on the stand. And if Daniel didn’t tell the entire truth in his confession, and others are possibly involved, he seems to have his reasons for not currently sharing that information. I believe that also influenced his decision to not take the stand in his case. Thank you for commenting Zvi. I appreciate it.

  2. Hi, I read your whole blog after a 48 Hours aired a few weeks ago. I appreciate your writings and the fact you try to understand the reasons why people do the things they do which is why I watch true crime as well. I am perplexed though as to why you seem to think Daniel is the person who he portrays himself to be to you. You seem to have wondered if he really is yourself at times. I have read many signs you have that seem that he is not, but haven’t read anything about you confronting him on it and his responses. I find myself wondering if you have really let yourself be manipulated by him or if you are censoring what you really think in hopes he will eventually reveal his true self to you. It would be interesting to read his responses to the questions you have had about what he has told you versus what you have learned about the case that is contradicting (for example, the drugs).

    1. Hi Kala,

      Well let’s say that there have been many questions I’ve asked Daniel, and answers (and my feelings about the answers) that I haven’t shared on the blog. There’s a lot I’m saving for the actual book. Also, I want Daniel to know he can trust me. I’ve proven that to him by not just running to the blog to blab. This does not mean that Daniel Wozniak has any control, or say, over what I write or when I write it. I just respect that there is a timeline of when I should share with the public.

  3. OK, your writing a BOOK! Now your blog makes sense. For a while I thought you were one of those weird girls who falls in love with killers….

    1. Yup. My apologies to the blog readers that I’m not posting as often, but I have been focusing more on the larger project.

  4. Please tell dan his cousin kathleen Comfort loves him and I’m trying to get his info to come see him and write. Thank you.


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