An Open Letter From Daniel Wozniak

Dear Readers,

My name is Daniel Wozniak and if you’re reading this blog, then you obviously know a great deal about me already.

However, it’s been brought to my attention that there are still some curious minds out there inquiring about my day to day life behind bars since being sentenced six months ago.

I understand that for the majority of readers out there, many of you think me to be a heartless, uncaring sociopathic monster who have reserved feelings for not giving a damn about anything concerning my life (other than how soon you wish for it to end). I’m not trying to, nor do I feel I can, take away the pain and hurt I’ve caused you to feel and all I can offer to you is a sincere apology for my actions. I know it will not do much (if anything) to ease the hatred you have for me, but it truly is all I can do at this stage.

The truth is there are no words I can say, or actions that I can perform that will change how you feel, and I’m not trying to rob you of those feelings because I know you need them to help you cope and deal with the pain you’re experiencing.

This letter is not my way of trying to justify my past because nothing on Earth can erase what’s been done. This is merely a response to certain individuals who for some reason or another are curious about life in prison in general. With the overflow of inquiries my friend (the author of this blog) is receiving, I thought writing this might be a way to help answer those questions being regularly asked.

I’ve been given the death penalty and not a day goes by that I don’t feel all the painful thoughts and angry wishes directed my way by so many people. I know in what some of you would consider to be a perfect world, I would have already been put to death, but sadly that’s not the reality of the present.

So what options do I have? I could sit around all day in a small cage doing absolutely nothing but watching the clock hands tick on by… OR… I could actually try to do something with the time I do have left to make SOME form of a positive difference around me.

The majority of my day is spent in the confines of a cell measuring roughly 11′ x 4.5‘ (about 50 sq. feet). I live somewhat akin to a new-age monk. My cell consists of a bed, a toilet, a sink and 2 storage shelves – nothing else. The walls are bare and painted taupe in color; and my cell front consists of an open, metal bar door through which to enter and exit (as well as listen to about 500 other inmates housed around me in this section of Death Row).

My only means of seeing anything in the outside world is by the use of a TV or radio. I also get access to the telephone a couple times during the week to which I’ll get timed fifteen minute calls. I’ll mostly reach out to my blog-writer friend who will keep me posted on current events, and will also touch base with family, other friends and lawyers.

My day starts each morning at around 5 AM, when I wake up and do my daily prayer/study and meditation that I’ve done since being at County. Breakfast arrives between 6-7 AM to our cells on trays (none of us walk to a typical “chow-hall”). The trays are then collected about thirty minutes later and then program within the facility begins.

Depending on the day of the week I’m either going to yard or going to class. San Quentin has seven recreational yards for this section of Death Row. I’m placed on Yard #6 (which has roughly 50 – 100 other inmates classified to be out there with me). All the yards have concrete floor (no grass) and are separated from one another by a gap and chain-link fence. Each yard has a couple stainless-steel-top tables with attached seats, a basketball hoop, a set of dip bars, push up bars and pull up bars (and surprisingly a punching bag).

The yard here is not like most other prisons which are generally racially segregated and for the most part everyone integrates quite well with one another. (We haven’t had a violent incident on our yard for the last 8 years now). Some inmates will play dominos, others will play cards or chess, others will work out and/or lead routines and some guys will just walk laps talking with another inmate as they walk.

Then you have individuals who are more cerebral and will have / lead discussions ranging from topics of law, politics, theology, random jeopardy trivia, etc.  I usually tend to try my hand at a little bit of everything, as do most of the other inmates on the yard (not many stick to doing just one thing). I think because all of us are in the same boat of being under a death sentence, there’s not as much friction or problems experienced elsewhere. (Surprisingly San Quentin statistically has one of the lowest rates of violent activity on the yards in comparison to other California prisons.)

On other days, I attend classes ranging in subject matter. There are several programs made available, but I personally try to focus my field of study to those educational and therapeutic in nature. (Critical Thinking, Nutrition and Meditation, Yoga, etc.). It’s helped me find whatever meaning still remains in this life and with the knowledge under my belt I feel I can pass it on to others. That’s what a great deal of my time is centered on: helping others find meaning and purpose in their own lives.

I know some of you categorize “criminals” as outcasts who don’t deserve another chance at life, but that’s where some others vary in their opinions (including myself). In the many years of my incarceration, I’ve encountered individuals who have given up on themselves to the point of not even wanting to continue living. I guess a part of me feels that if I can help them find that “meaning” that is seriously lacking in their lives, that I can justify my continued existence on this planet while awaiting my execution.

I’m also still very much active in staying up on the ongoing judicial issues. I subscribe to several publications (Prison Legal News, Prison Focus, etc.) and have submitted a couple articles for their consideration. It’s a battle I feel that’s very much worth fighting for. I’m an avid believer of Crime and Punishment as long as it’s legal, but so many issues continue to present themselves with the same win-at-all-costs mentality that continues to plague the justice system. There’s a reason why 70% of death penalty cases have been overturned and / or modified, and why only thirteen people have been executed since the death penalty was reinstated in California! (And sadly, the public isn’t told the REAL reasons as to why.)

Again, I want to voice this is not ME saying I shouldn’t be here – but there are (and have been) so many people given this sentence who truthfully do not deserve it legally. Not to mention the countless others who have already died unjustly here of natural causes; people who technically should never have been here in the first place.

Those who ‘legally’ shouldn’t be here aren’t being punished by death… they’re being murdered! (Think about it!)

Spirituality also plays a crucial role in my life, as well as in the lives of other inmates at San Quentin. The prison offers several religious services (Catholic, Protestant, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon Latter-Day Saints and Native American Indian Tribal Councils). Due to the large number of inmates and a limited number of seats in the chapel area, sometimes you only get called out for service once a month. The television, however, provides an excellent array of broadcast services that you can tune into everyday, which is very nice.

I’m currently also enrolled in a couple of Bible Colleges that I do via correspondence through the mail in addition to keeping in contact with various chaplains I’ve met over the years and still keep in touch with. The yard also provides an excellent means in which to learn, minister, teach and study with so many interested individuals from so many different backgrounds. Everyone comes together and shares their faith and testimonies of how their “path” has brought them some form of inner peace and it reassures fellow believers that faith is a powerful tool which can save and improve so many lives in various ways.

I never thought I’d ever see the day where so many people from different religions and cultures aren’t as hostile and dominant in defending their religion, but rather share, add to and grow the unity of everyone around. There’s so much to learn!

The final thing to mention is handcuffs. Every time you leave your cell for ANY kind of movement, you are placed in handcuffs. You are then either escorted to wherever your destination is with a Correctional Officer escorting you the whole way or you walk alone to said destination, cuffed with your hands behind you back. You’re even handcuffed when going to the shower. It’s a shared community shower stall (that’s twice the size of your cell) and you get showers every other day. However, most everyone here has ways to shower creatively in their cells so we can shower every day, anytime we want.

After showers, the final action of the day before final lockdown is mail pickup and drop-off. This occurs at around 6:30 – 7:00 PM, Monday – Friday. The C.O. will hand us the mail we receive, then pick up our outgoing mail. Next he will apply a secondary lock on the cell door for added security each evening. (This is called “dropping the bar”). From 8:OO PM – 7:00 AM, everyone is locked inside and there is no movement ANYWHERE within the building and it’s “lights out.” Then the cycle repeats each and every day, very much like the film, Groundhog Day.

I hope this helps answer the questions some of you have been asking and that you all have a closer look into the prison that has now become my life. I wish you all well and hope this ‘view into prison’ helps answer your inquiries. Have a nice day.


Daniel Wozniak

61 thoughts on “An Open Letter From Daniel Wozniak”

  1. I know Dan well. So this is fine and all for some readers but I don’t really care about this trivial stuff. I wanna know why he did it? Does he think there is something wrong in his brain? Where was his God that day? Would he do it again? Was he born or breed a sociopath? Was he faking his happy and kind demeanor all those years? Does he think if he was let out back into the regular population that we would all be safe or could he be turned into a monster again? Those kinds of deeper questions about that dark day 7 years ago.

    1. You have all the same questions I’ve had for Daniel. I have a lot of theories and opinions based on the information Daniel has shared with me. I don’t think he was faking, but his “happy and kind” self disappeared for a while. You can’t murder someone or dismember someone’s body without disassociating from any human side you have.

      Thank you for the comment. I hope to hear from you.

      1. Is there a common thread which connects serial killers?
        Most of the monster/freaks whose stories I’ve studied seem to share this: A domineering mother and or a weak, passive father.
        In Dan’s case, the strong personality of his intended, Rachel Buffet, was a mirror image of his mom & that, coupled with his desire to please his ‘mother figure’, caused him to ‘erupt’.
        It’s also been suggested Dan’s association to the ‘satanic’ number nine proves how devil worship played a role in his heinous crime; one example, the numeral 9, (the title of Dan’s last play), was but one of several ‘clues’ given.
        For my money, a young man acting under the influence of a Jezebel spirit is capable of doing things he wouldn’t normally do. In short, our buddy Dan hated his mum & was pussy-whipped at the time of the massacres.

        1. How about the fact he was a desperate man who became engaged to a woman when he didn’t have a job that would support their lifestyle, that he really was somehow hoping his theatrical career would support them in the style they both wanted, that he was in debt, and it was time to grow up and be a responsible man and a husband and he ran out of time and, thus, concocted this ludicrous and horrific crime?

    2. I have just now seen the 20/20 episode about Sam & Julie and how they were murdered for something as petty as money for of all things a wedding.( Might just as well been to go to seminary) I have always wondered how I would handle sentencing another human being with the death penalty and if I could live with that decision but in this case I don’t believe I would have hesitated for as much as a moment. You say in the open letter that some people see you as a monster but even that description is too good for you. You plead not guilty? Your arrogance is over the top and no doubt you will cost the tax payers of California as much as your gutless self can with appeals so that you can turn 40, 50 or 60 years old why should you? They never will. I’m disgusted with the fact that you are still breathing it’s completely unfair and God knows that. I won’t feel sorry for someone so cruel and self absorbed as you. I won’t feel guilty when the state finally does to you what you did to those decent people and one who only wanted to help you & the other believing her friend needed her..the trap you set is the one you should rot in. Hopefully the state will let the world know when you are put to death like a rabid dog. You truly deserve to live what’s left of your life in fear of the day you may or may not meet your maker. How are those acting skills working out? Your not worth what the state pays to keep you alive or this apparently ridiculously loyal fool to be your friend.
      Too mean? Really? Your a heartless murderer and every day you are above ground is another slap in the face to those families who will never see their children again.

      1. He won’t be getting executed. Since this California put a moratorium on executions. He will now he even have the ability to work within the prison so all the money can go to families, but with the words Sam’s father has to say I don’t believe that will give him any solace. They should set up a fund and put all the money towards something positive in the end. Not that it would amount to much. Maybe to wounded warriors since Sam was a combat soldier who fought in Afghanistan. I don’t personally believe in the death penalty in MOST cases. Ole Dan here confessed and led them to body. There is no doubt, he wasn’t mentally incompetent and the motive was pathetic. He absolutely deserved it. I hope he tries to do something positive while he is living his life behind bars, ESPECIALLY since his life was spared.

        1. What money are you talking about? The only money is Sams which will go to his father. I believe it was a joint account anyways. Dan does not get to keep the money he stole from Sam. He’s broke I would imagine.

        2. Also, prisoners make between 8 – 37 cents per hour in California prisons, with most making under 23 cents. If they’re lucky enough to get a job that is from a non prison company, they can make 30 – 95 cents/hr.

      2. I saw this week (june 2023) the dateline episode. i remember this episode years ago.
        often, i try to think like the week’s villain on Dateline. i try to imagine why, find some thread of sympathy, if not understanding, although never do I forget that murder is heinous.
        With this guy, though…I got nothin’.
        I am not for capital punishment, actually, but for dan wozniak? im not marching with a sign or petitioning the Congress to ban it under Federal law.

        On the Dateline program, the episode closes with Julie’s mother, explaining that she grieves in private. She takes the longer route while driving, while listening to the CDs made for her by Julie and given to her on her birthday or Mother’s Day. Mrs. Kibuishi then said she cries, and calls out Julie’s name. How can this not destroy you. I literally broke down and cried for this poor woman, her husband, and for Sam’s father.

        I will shed NONE when / if they send Wozniak to his fate.

  2. So cool. He seems to maintain a healthy attitude. Makes one wonder if he would trade places with a “free man” if given the choice.

    1. Good question!
      If I know Daniel, he’d probably say something like “it depends on which man.”

    2. In my opinion, he was, at that moment in time, an immature, irresponsible (to look for a full-time job, maintain a job and put his limited acting and singing skills in the backburner so he could support himself and a wife) , lazy boy-coward who found himself engaged to a lovely young woman who wanted to marry a responsible man who worked and who was a functional adult. He was not. He chose an incredibly horrible way to rectify his situation.

      1. Sandy, for someone who has a lot of awful and negative things to say about Daniel, I see you commenting on almost every single blog post which makes it seem like you read them all. I know I myself found this blog about 24 hours ago after watching the lock up episide on Netflix and in that past 24 hours I’ve spent at least 8-10 reading to get to where I am now. I’m extremely intrigued and have read all of the comments and your name keeps appearing. Sometimes you change it up which I think is cute, do you think you’re fooling people into believing there are more angry hateful glass completely empty souls such as yourself? What I find the funniest about reading your comments is that from reading this blog from beginning to here, I’ve grown fond of Daniel. I don’t know why. Part of me doesn’t associate the crime with the man I’m reading about somehow I guess, even though I’m fully aware that he is guilty and very interested to hear his side. HOWEVER (and this is the funny part) from reading your comments I really dislike you. You have more hate in your heart then Daniel. You are cynical, you’re bitchy and honestly you seem miserable. I know it’s been over a year since this post but I sincerely hope you read this. I am more disgusted with you and your hate than I am with Daniel.

        1. Celiena, maybe you would associate his horrendous crime of shooting two people in the head (cutting of Sam’s head, hands and feet and raping Julie) if you were related to those family members left behind. Sam was my cousin, so it makes me literally ill to read you’re “growing fond of him”. WTF? He’s a monster, and he can say anything he wants for people to believe he’s changed, but that kind of evil is buried in his soul. You have no idea what it’s like to have a family member murdered, do you?

          1. Audrey, please don`t let the comments from a liberal mind of gullible people (Celina) upset you. Their words are no more important than trash in a garbage can.
            Friends, not all Narcissist are Killers, but all Killers are Narcissist!

        2. I’m curious. I watched and read some. Did he ever come out and say for sure after the trial whether his fiancé knew before, after or not at all?

  3. It is nice to hear from Daniel directly. I wrote to him but never received an answer. I hope he takes full advantage of every opportunity for education and religion and anything else to pass the time constructively. His heart seems to be in the right place.

    1. I will let him know you never received his letter. Hopefully he has your correct address.

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

  4. Was hoping he’d go into details about prison food for some odd reason lol. Does he still make/eat “spread”? Does he have a “bff” or someone he considers a close friend in there? Does he get along with all the CO’s?

    And off topic – do you know if Daniel will testify against Rachel or will this topic be saved for another time?

    1. I’ll let him know your interest in food and friends. The food is a lot better at San Quentin, so he doesn’t have to rely on commissary and creativity as much.

      At this point, he is not testifying in her trial.

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

  5. Happy Birthday Sam, how old would you be at the end of this month? When was Julie’s birthday? This guy in jail still gets to have friends, feed birds, feel handcuffs on his wrists, express himself, see drab colors on the walls (taupe), subscribe to publications’ and think of creative ways to take showers.
    What do Sam and Julie get to do?
    Oh that’s right, their brains were blasted twice each with bullets and Sam even said, “I need help, something hit me like an electric shock”.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I agree completely.

      If I am correct, Sam would be 34 this year. On May 29th.

      Julie’s birthday is February 14th. Valentines Day.

  6. Thank you for carrying his messages to us. Can you send him my salutations the next time you communicate with him? I am from Turkey and I very recently came across with Daniel’s case.

    We all see his crimes and we defend the sentence that was given to him. But if some people feel empathy for him it is alright, it is the lack of empathy what creates all these crimes.

    1. It could be also empathy with murderers is to minimize crimes, and is this that brings to other crimes…

      1. It could also be that empathy with killers causes people to belittle crimes, and that’s what leads to other crimes … that’s more properly my thinking, this I answer to Kaan. I add: friendship in such frightening cases is not flaunted … otherwise it risks upsetting. Keep your friendship of this kind to yourself, otherwise it becomes a show of crime, a show, I’m really amazed that you can expose the public to such a provocative thing. Keep it to yourself! You’re adding pain to pain. Enough. Please, stop with this absurd blog, and delete everything. After you can also be a friend of the devil are your problems.

  7. I believe Daniel Wozniak’s current death sentence will be reduced to the lesser charge of life without the possibility of parole, due to the longtime legal corruption in Orange County.
    He is blessed to have been represented by the talented public defender, Mr. Scott Sanders, (whom I predict is California’s future Governor).

    1. I could see that prediction coming true, HG.

      Scott Sanders as governor – Interesting. I would vote for him. Did you see him on 60 Minutes?

      1. Cray cray about the boy-boy! He’s Elvis in the court room. He tilted his playing cards forward just enough that mine eyes could see his goods. It was obvious Sanders knew the jury was gonna crucify Da-Wo & stepped aside & let the chips fall where they did.
        Like a hungry young prize fighter in the ring, SS knew that it takes more than a clanging of a bell to declare who really won. Tony Rackauckasover meanwhile, stuffs his magic-gloves inside his gym bag & makes damn sure no one examines the contents in his bag.
        Had it not been for the savagery of both murders, perhaps
        Da-Woz could have gone back to using local theatres to meet chicks & kill again.

  8. I came across Daniel’s story a few nights ago watching Youtube prison documentaries . I am writing a book about my experience in prison and all the effects it has on people when they are released, especially people who were wrongfully locked up . Does Daniel ever ask for other people to write him ? I would be interested in writing him . I feel like even though mistakes are made, we are still human and the human experience of communication is still needed whether you are locked up on death row, locked up in regular prison , or in a county jail somewhere . Isolation isn’t good for anyone, no matter the crime committed . Please tell Daniel hello for me and also I would be interested in communicating with him as a pen pal .

    1. Mistakes were made? You mean murdering two close friends then dismembering the body? And you’re concerned about your comments not getting a reply? Try walking in the shoes of Julie and Sam’s parents….

  9. Also, I thought of something else I saw where Daniel said that the yard is separated by fences and a gap between each ? Does this mean they don’t have contact only on the yard or in every part of their day to day experiences ? Also, I remember on the day I came home from prison , I was overstimulated with sounds , colors, smells and many overwhelming aspects that had been missing while being locked up . Although it was only
    for 3 years, in prison life that small time seems like 30 years plus. Seeing all those people that came to welcome me home at a local restaurant was very nice and appreciated yet I felt an overwhelming guilt because I was enjoying myself after so much sadness and depression that prison brings . As well as feeling bad for the people locked up that are innocent and deserve to be released. So many emotions are experienced in a situation such as prison and being released. Luckily I had a wonderful supportive family and friends that have helped me to get back on my feet. Other people are as blessed as having this in their grasp. Anyway , I just wanted to share my thoughts with you here and also with Daniel as well .

  10. I posted two comments but they haven’t been posted . How long does it take ? I thought my comments were informative and interesting . Where did the comments go ?

    1. I agree – very good comments.

      Truth is – I have had no time to properly reply to all the comments on the blog.

      I LOVE having thoughtful readers leave comments, but I feel bad when I don’t reply to everyone. I guess it’s better to at least post the comments- even without a reply.

      Thank you for reading and for your comments.

  11. Just curious. Saw the show on 48 Hours on ID. Googled the Dr Phil show regards Rachel and then found your blog. I too am a ID fanatic. My husband says “just a few more hours of ID and he’s sure I can qualify for my degree in Forensic Science and Crime Solving”. Hahahaha. Anyway. Enjoyed your blog and just one question

    Does anyone in Daniels family ever visit him in prison? Just curious ….

  12. This case is so crazy ! Where in the heck was this Dan’s Head ? Must have been up his butt. I can not imagine what was in his thoughts ,Just for money ? He would have been better off robbing a bank .Maybe he would have gotten away with it ,maybe more money ? But chances are greater that no one would have been killed. What he did to these two young people is unthinkable. I hope that he accepts his punishment like a man. I hope a pray for the families of everyone involved and hope they find peace and can go on living normal lives. Is that even possible after going through such an experience as this ? Keep us posted on new and upcoming events . Rachael will pay the price next I think. Thank you.

  13. I’m at a complete loss why you would give this brutal, heartless killer a stage to speak from. A monster that performed on stage with the body of his victim laying on the rafters above him. He took a young girls life so her body would be a prop for his story. And you publish his letter?

    Where’s your blog posts of the victim’s family? Why aren’t there voices being published here?

    His mind holds the images of sawing and hacking apart a body, stacking up those parts, and washing the blood and offal from his hands. And yet he smiles and laughs? Just that demonstrates what a hideous human being he is.

    He should be rotting out of sight from the rest of the world, so I’m at a loss to understand, knowing his cruel and grisly acts, how you can speake the words “my friend”, or give him a voice.

    1. I LOVE what you said.

      A blog about him feeds his narcissistic, ego-driven, sociopathic personality. When I hear and see the pain his actions caused to the families of the victims, who are, in fact, victims themselves, and then see him smiling, it just turns my stomach.

      I hope he rots away in prison, and we never have to see his bloated, smiling face again.

    2. Chris – I 100% agree with you. You see the tags…see how far down the names of his direct victims are? That says it all. And his indirect victims aren’t even mentioned. This is insane, and callous. How does this blogger think her actions are helping the families who now live in torture? She doesn’t think. Incredibly callous of her.

      1. I agree. I think the blog is ok, but I feel if she writes a book she must donate the proceeds to victims of crime, otherwise she is profiting off of someone else’s tragedy. I don’t think the victim’s parents need a book which attempts to sympathise and give a voice to Daniel Wozniak.

    3. The victims’ family members and friends have not spoken with me. I’m probably not their favorite writer. However, interviews with Sam’s and Julie’s parents are on Dateline, 20/20 and 48 Hours.

      By the way, Sam was murdered in a different theatre from the one where Dan was performing in Nine. Just an FYI. Sam was not murdered in the theatre where I worked and met Daniel.

      1. Don’t worry about these people that comment on EVERY single one of your posts just to berate you. They’re just adding to the page views ;-)

  14. I don’t know why anyone would care what this bloated, depraved, egomaniacal asshole would have to say about anything. He is a repulsive, amoral killer (and lousy singer/actor) and deserves worse than he got. We also know from the evidence, her lies and changing stories, Rachel is also guilty of conspiring before the fact, to get money for their wedding. She appears brain dead. We just got sickened watching her on Dr. Phil, posing, to try to get acting work or maybe a magazine cover. Both killers deserve executing. Maybe some civic-minded prisoner will take care of that. Hardened, bored convicts don’t take kindly to types like Wozniak. Luckily.

  15. I have been in SQ north block visiting many many many times. Also in the death row cages. I know a lot of the guys you have probably met while visiting. I worked for a program that brought family members to visit their loved ones- including the death row men. Not sure how I stumbled onto your blog (Ice T has a show out with Daniel’s crime) but I wanted to tell you that I think you have been doing a good job at remembering and mentioning that these men have committed awful crimes, etc. Sometimes it is tough because they are super awesome and we get to see the humanity of them in there. You are doing a good job at seeing all sides. I have a lot of pics of the SQSP inmates and Death Row families on visits. Reach out if you are interested in any.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment!
      Your work sounds rewarding and valuable.
      I personally believe it is better for all involved when inmates are content and have people in the outside world.
      I would be interested to see some photos. I’m not sure if you’d want to share any on the blog itself, but I’ll send you a direct contact email for me.
      Ice T – hmmm. I have to look for that one.
      Thank you for reading the blog!

  16. I am new to hearing about this case. As for the death penalty it is controversial to some. I believe in it to a point depending on the crime. I also believe that dan was manipulated and coerced into doing what he did. Yes he did make the decision yes he did kill. I believe it was pounded in to his head for a long time. Where is his family? What do others say aboit him and his behavior during his childhood? As for the father of Sam hes a hateful and revengeful human. Anyone who is religious or believes in god knows forgiveness. If dan was a sociopath he wouldn’t be sorry or have remorse or feel bad for what he did. I believe rachel is the main ring leader of all this and she should be on death row. What she did by planning and running things is far worse than murder itself. Lile charles manson who never killed anyone. Shes a ringleader.

    1. He doesn’t feel bad for what he did. He’s simply giving the reader the response he suspects they want to hear. His letter is full of ridiculous, narcissistic comments, self-flagellation and martyrdom. Gimme a break. It takes a special kind of freak to shoot someone while they’re begging for help and then dismember their body. He had plenty of time to change his mind about the dismemberment but even with all the time to think about it he still did it. I wasn’t aware he raped Julie, this just makes him more worthy of the death penalty. Oh hey!! I know!! Let’s torture him like he did his victims. It’s only fair. Giving him a voice is unfair to his victims, dead or alive. Too bad about the moratorium, I would have enjoyed hearing him beg.

  17. If this were a crime of passion, I might be able to give some empathy. But no way around it, Dan selfishly committed 1st degree pre-meditated murder. Twice. At anytime he could have stopped. He could have chosen to not call the girl over. He made his choices and he deserves the death penalty. IMO that is the only punishment for this type of act.
    The irony in so many of these cases is that I am an atheist. But if the bible is true, and jesus is the savior, a lot of these scum bags who ‘found jesus’ AFTER they committed murder(s) will be welcomed into heaven with open arms while I’ll burn forever in the ‘lake of fire’. Yet I never killed, robbed or raped anyone.
    Kind of humorous how things happen, eh? :)
    No thanks. Any club that welcomes murderers is not the club for me.

  18. Wow. Until earlier this evening, I had never heard about this case. I guess I dont always keep up with current events cause I’m busy, but WTF? How was he able to not have a job, owe all these different people money, face almost definite eviction, and still have a woman wanting to marry him? It cant be because he was going to be the next “big time, A list celebrity actress”. My baby sisters play in her elementary school looked more promising! Hey look, if I owed money to some dude that was standing in front of me ready to collect, and I know my really cool/friend/neighbor next door is a kind hearted and understanding individual (and American hero) that I called friend,(who happens to be sitting on 62k or whatever) I’d have just asked him if he would lend me the 400. He (Sam) obviously didnt mind going to help him “move shit” at the theater.(where sadly his life came to an unthinkable end) He (Sam) just seems like the type to help people he had developed relationships with and that would include nextdoor neighbors that he called friends. Sam probably more than likely would’ve gave him the 400.(didnt know him personally, just guessing) Pay dude, and then pack you and your soon to be wife up and start a new. Forget about the theater and ever being a real actress. You find you a nice little telemarketer job, that pays you shit, in a completly different city. Live out the next 5yrs of your life in love until your wife says, “fuck this, I’m out!” That’s what Americans do you POS! You dont think for a second that Sam didnt know that times where rough nextdoor? You have this wedding staring you down and your acting career is NEVER going to pan out. You’re in a bad way. (which still blows me away that he had this lil fox that was consciously going to marry him! How the fuck?) Eitherway, post this or not, will you do me this one favor? (Before I continue I just want to say, right or wrong, it takes alot of courage to write this blog.) Now my favor, if you’re still in contact with Dan can you relay this to him? “Dude all the apologies in the world cant mask who you are and what you’ve done so STOP. When I think about what it would be like to have to wear your prison slippers everyday? NOPE! I think heres a guy that was never a father cause had he been, maybe this terrible crime never would’ve happened? I’m a father of a son who is my everything. And if I heard that this POS actor fuck put two in my child’s head, dismembered my baby to never be able to find all of him…DAN, I’m going to say it like this, youd think the 11’×4′ cell you’re in is the fucking Taj Mahal compared to the box I’d put you in, 6′ down! You dont hurt someone elses babies cause your fat, lazy, no acting ass cant provide for yourself! Theres nobody that gives a shit what your daily routine is! Everytime you get to walk that yard I want you to look up at the sky, take in a deep breathe of air, and always remember, you’re not an actress, you’re not human, and you’re no God! You’re just another fucking POS that should’ve been put down at birth! I’d gladly like to save the tax payers of California the money of having to keep you alive, breathing in their fucking air!

    Sorry for ranting on and on. Murderer Musings, you’re brave and loyal to this dead man walking. Why? I hope to hear of his response to my message but if not, it’s cool, I know where I’m going after this life is over and it’s more then can be said about this actress!
    -Mic drop!

  19. Murder musings why do you do this and how do you know him? Is that pic of you with blonde hair? I just don’t get it and let me tell you why. I married a murderer I was in prison with, not my best choice ever. She has not changed one bit, except to become a better con woman. I wouldn’t waste a single moment on people like this. Please understand I know how likable they can be, how smooth and honest they sound but trust me when I say run do not walk away. Don’t waste your life on such a nasty mistake of a person

  20. Wow, love the “mic drop” gotta remember to use that one..DW is definitely an outlier for this type of crime, seems like someone you could actually hangout with. I like most of you all am fascinated by things/people like this. One of the things that stick with me is how he confessed to the 2 detectives..his laughing and his “money and insanity” blurt. I actually believed that his GF didn’t know about this in advance but when she didn’t react at all to the verdict it made me think again. Man, what guys do for pussy..for you fellow crime junkies the Melanie Mcguire case is totally fascinating..I wrote her and enclosed a SASE but no reply..

  21. Such a tragic case… My heart goes out to all of those involved. My firstborn – a son – was also born in 1984. I see a lot of my own son in Daniel. My son is also very outgoing, comfortable performing, and always happy. I have thought a lot about this since becoming aware of what happened. It seems almost impossible that such a talented young man could end up on death row. I wonder what could have prevented such tragedy. Does Daniel have any insight into that? For example, if his parents had helped him out more financially… If he would have had more structure (like having joined the military)…If he had been brought up in the church… Surely this could have been prevented in some way.

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