An Update On Rachel Buffett, Daniel Wozniak’s Ex-Fiancée

Hello Readers!

I thought you might be interested in a quick update on Rachel Buffett’s trial.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend Rachel’s most recent hearing on February 9th, 2018. I was at a funeral that morning. Priorities.

I had a strong feeling nothing extremely important would happen that day. It was a Friday, and there was no way her actual trial would begin on a Friday. Also, she was still assigned to the same courtroom as she’d been for her previous hearings.

Side note: How’s this for a coincidence? The last time I did go to one of Rachel’s hearings, I discovered that the judge was a friend of mine. Our kids went to school together. Small world.

 Please note – I did NOT attempt to discuss the case with her, and she’s not going to be Rachel’s trial judge.

 Currently, the Orange County Superior Court search site has Rachel scheduled to appear in court on March 13th. That, my friends, is a Tuesday. This “pre-trial” hearing has been assigned to a different courtroom from before. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but these signs do point to some forward movement.

I’m planning to be in court as much as possible. It’s amazing how long it’s taken to get Rachel’s case to trial. Think about this for second; Daniel is already on death row. He has been found guilty of the murders of Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi. Yet, the woman who is only charged with lying about the murders after the fact still hasn’t faced justice. It would appear that the DA is the reason for the extension this time.

It won’t be a surprise to any of the blog readers when my book  explores the allegation that Rachel Buffett was completely involved in Sam and Julie’s murders and their attempted cover-up. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m guessing none of the information I’ve been given could be used against Rachel in court anyway. Isn’t that hearsay?

I’m hoping that Rachel’s trial will contain some evidence to either prove or disprove Daniel’s version of events.

Writing a book takes a lot of work. It’s time consuming. And this story is often emotionally painful to convey. In a perfect world, I’d have finished my book and told Daniel’s story (then I could just sit around binging the podcast My Favorite Murder all day) long before Rachel Buffett’s actual trial. Oh well. It’s not a perfect world. Now back to work for me.

By the way, a recent commenter suggested that Rachel Buffett’s name is spelled with one “t” like Buffet. The OC courts spell her name with two “t”s, but if Rachel would prefer I spell her name differently, she is welcome to message me through the blog or the Facebook page with that request.

Thank you for reading the blog!

33 thoughts on “An Update On Rachel Buffett, Daniel Wozniak’s Ex-Fiancée”

  1. Something tells me Dan’s case will take a turn -regarding not his fate – charges -or present lot in life. You as a writer are doing what what few give a give a shit to do; trying to get to the bottom of still another American tragedy. Yes of course there’s fascination connected to any senseless act behind the taking of lives. & one must know just what exactly motivates a man so snap like Daniel did. So keep on doing what you do as you can & ‘tell the haters & the liars you will ‘see them in the fires – let the train blow the whistle let it blow’.

    1. I just listened to the Sleuth podcast interview of Rachel’s ex, Scott Ehredt. This relationship is post Dan and the murders and they worked together at Medieval Times. Have a listen. This explains who Rachel truly is. And yeah, she was definitely in on the murders in some way. She and Dan are both psychopaths. Very scary.

  2. I just read through your blog and I am deeply disturbed by your desire to explore the inner demons of this murderous sociopath who is plainly without either a soul nor an ounce of humanity. He is a pathological liar who is manipulative, selfish and cruel. He has destroyed countless lives in his wicked pursuit to finance his honeymoon. There are some who I firmly believe through their evil deeds forfeit their right to be heard and understood…Wozniak is one of those people. I don’t need to read a novel to understand why he’s on death row. Instead of getting a freaking job like the rest of us, he murdered two innocent souls, desecrated their bodies and then attempted to murder their good names and reputations in his vial efforts to solve his financial crisis. People were merely pawns in his world to be manipulated, used and abused at his discretion and disposable. I am sickened by his utter lack of humanity and conscience. The only peace I feel is in knowing that there is a special place in hell waiting for him when his number is up.

    1. What a well-written letter which covered every aspect of this psychopath’s behavior and the very essence of his soul, albeit he is soulless.

  3. I think most people thought not much would happen February 9. There are case conflicts and Rachel does not want to accept the plea deal. I read that her attorney wants her to accept a deal. I think any guilty plea for lying would make her more look more liable for wrongful death, although that plea would not likely raise any culpability against her for murder.

    Your comment, “there was no way her actual trial would begin on a Friday,” is odd. Calendar setting has nothing to do with days of the week. Nor does the day of the week provide insight to the likelihood a trial would begin. The jury trial begins with jury selection and not the first day the parties are in court. It could take a few hours or a few days for a jury to be empanelled. The previous two jury trial dates before that Friday were set on Mondays and cancelled, so a Tuesday date does not present any significance.

    This case has been bounced through many court rooms; C41 looks to be at least the ninth so far. I don’t think the “forward movement” you see has anything to do with the courtroom; I think it has to do with the outspoken frustration of the families and the irritation of the attorneys on both sides. Rachel wants her day in court.

  4. You stated that “a recent commenter suggested that Rachel Buffett’s name is spelled with one “t” like Buffet.” That is not what she said. She said, “[Rachel] recently boasted that she hopes that individuals commenting on the case online spell Buffett with one “t.” I think Rachel was making a joke and that J.Sarah was pointing out to you that have spelled Buffett as “Buffet” a few times on your blog. I occasionally misspell Buffett as “Buffoon.”

  5. Great blog. Found it by searching for DW because of the Lockup episode and had to read it. I like your writing and attention to detail. Peace to you.

  6. Have not been on the blog for awhile but it’s currently playing Daniel’s story on In Ice Cold Blood on oxygen. Wondering if you’ve seen the episode and what you thought of it? :)

  7. Rachel Buffet seems to me to be lacking in emotion and empathy.
    I caught her interviews on “Dr. Phil”, and the news. She talks about it as tho she’s talking about what to serve for dinner.
    She even seemed smug , indifferent and incredulous that she was being looked at as an accomplice. She struck me as almost ignorant in the sense that she would say “I don’t recall saying that”, or “I trusted Dan and believed him”.
    She needs to be held accountable for her lies and deceit.
    Aside from this, this is a fear of mine, that police/ court system can take something and run with it, and completely ruin a persons life FOREVER. Sometimes I wonder if they want to make an example of someone or make someone pay for a crime that facts became twisted and over exaggerated.
    Don’t get me wrong PLEASE, I am so very for the bad people being held accountable and serving their time. I am also for the death sentence and Dan W. Has gotten what he deserved.
    I’m just saying if a person is innocent don’t ruin more lives.
    If a person who is an accomplice to a crime, in my book, should be held as accountable as the perpetrator.

    1. It makes me sick that people see cut versions of edited tv and make judgements. The Dr. Phill show was deceiving in how they approached the family. They made it seem like an impartial interview would take place, said counseling would be offered, yet when it was actually done the whole thing was one sided, judgemental and slanted to make Rachel look bad. It was an horrible experience that left the family in tears after it. I now have zero respect for him and the way his staff lied about what was going to happen. Just because Rachel doesn’t show emotion in public doesn’t mean shit. A lot of stuff goes on behind closed doors that the public has no privy to.

      1. I agree 100%, I thought it was a horrible idea for her to trust Dr Phil show. He’s never neutral, he has to pick the one “ he” feels is the victim and attacks the so called bad guy. I realize the father was in horrendous pain, but he had no right demanding her brother to not talk and telling her not to do anymore interviews, this is her choice and to tell the truth I don’t think anyone that would be in her place could remember what they would’ve said and if it was said possibly misspoken or a number of possibilities. I think she was manipulated by a narcissistic psychopath. I wish her all the luck in the world and this will get put behind her so she can start her life again without the fear of prison. Was this blogger friends with him before the murders or afterwards and trying to make a cheap buck off of the guy and Rachel?

      2. She was gonna marry a guy with no job and he was worried she’d dump him because of that? Is she that dumb she didn’t know he was jobless yet he somehow had money to get married and go on a cruise even through they were set to be evicted? Whatever! She at the very least tried to cover for him.

  8. I am currently watching this story on the Dr Phil show. It it April 3, 2018…is there any news on how Rachaels trial is going or has gone. Was she found guilty????

    1. Zvi, I tried to find contact information for you awhile back. The trial date for Rachel is set for July 17, 2018. The judge is making both sides move forward with the trial. If all goes well, the trial should begin in September. I post updates to my page.

  9. At the age of 19, Byron Benito had learning disabilities, read at a second-grade level, and wrote as a first-grader. Byron’s lifelong friend, Sam, clearly took advantage of those disabilities, but was found not guilty because of lies regarding scooters and neighborhood children perpetrated by his attorney, Kessel, paid for by Steve.

    Sam, while drunk, would brag about the verdict from Byron’s case. He would speak poorly of those with learning disabilities, despite the fact that Steve was a special-education teacher. Murphy had mentioned that Timothy is not the brightest light. Timothy has learning disabilites just like Byron. Sam boasted about the war, beheadings, his Jewish faith, and how Julie was a better dancer than Rachel.

    The ATM scam between Sam and Daniel was real. Sam was tired of Steve hovering over his life: forcing Sam to join the military as payback for hiring Kessel, requiring a key to his apartment, access to a joint bank account, etc. This was Sam’s “punishment” for participating in Byron’s murder and for “payback” and “saving his life” by hiring Kessel.

    Sam wanted release from Steve’s control and concocted the ATM scam with Daniel. Daniel would withdraw money. Sam would report the money as stolen. The bank would refund Sam. Daniel took a percentage. Sam would take the extra money and open new bank accounts so Steve could not examine or dictate his every move. The scam worked.

    Then Sam stopped the ATM scam with Daniel. Daniel and Rachel had enough.

    Rachel shot Julie. Everett knows Rachel shot Julie. Maryanne Buffett knows Rachel shot Julie. Noah Buffett knows Rachel shot Julie. Rachel knows she shot Julie. Daniel knows Rachel shot Julie. She asks, “How did I not hear the gunshots?” Daniel responds, “I don’t know.”

    What activities did Daniel and Rachel engage in after the shootings? After Daniel shot Sam, Rachel and Dan went in the hot tub. After Rachel shot Julie, they had sex and took a shower. Rachel, while inebriated, has stated that one can get rid of gpr from jumping in a hot tub or taking a shower. Rachel, growing up as the middle child of five siblings who were home-schooled, has hybristophilia.

    Rachel is planning on testifying that Daniel told her about the unidentified individual. Murphy will object to the testimony as hearsay. The objection will be sustained. She’s headed to the 93610 for at least 1.5 years, barring any fighting, illicit drug use, or behavior problems that would deprive her from work and good behavior credits.

    Rachel desires for MM to continue to spell her name incorrectly with only one “t” (as in “A Rachel Buffet Update” regarding her November 28th court hearing which MM attended) in order to “clean up internet searches.”

    1. @J.Sarah- How do you know so much? This was truly fascinating and seems like a better update than we have gotten in a long time.

      1. J. Sarah, You know nothing about Sam’s relationship with his family! Everything you said is far from the truth..Sam and his father had a very close relationship. He was very close to both of his parents! Where did you get all your false information regarding Sam? Sam had a heart of gold, and would help anyone at anytime…
        People like you make me sick. Your nothing more then a troll!
        Do your research next time before posting!!!!!

    2. J. Sarah, where do you get your information?

      You said, “Sam wanted release from Steve’s control and concocted the ATM scam with Daniel. Daniel would withdraw money. Sam would report the money as stolen. The bank would refund Sam. Daniel took a percentage. Sam would take the extra money and open new bank accounts so Steve could not examine or dictate his every move. The scam worked.”

      If the scam is true, then why would the bank allow the accounts and ATM card to remain open? Banks cancel ATM cards when there is theft and repeated theft will cause the bank to close the account. There would be records of these reports and of the new accounts.

      If there was a scam, then Dan’s attorney could obtain bank records to prove Sam’s complicity. That complicity would be a mitigating factor against the death penalty. Dan’s attorney raised no mitigating factors.

  10. I don’t think Rachel was involved. Remember the tape recorded phone conversation with her and Daniel?

  11. Lets set the record straight; Dan nor his family contributed or was going to contribute money to the wedding. Family members of Rachels paid for everything for the wedding. I’m so dam tired of reading untruths concerning this. He did not Kill innocent people to help pay for the wedding. We had already taken care of all the expenses.

    1. Hear! Hear! I am sick of all the “internet experts” who have decided she is guilty because they saw her on TV. Our current district attorney belongs in jail himself, so I would be a bit circumspect in taking our current system as an indication of guilt. She has waited 6 years to go to trial, with the DA’s office asking for many continuances. Either try her or drop the charges.

    2. Thank you for the information. Obviously you are a family member so I appreciate your being willing to come and take the abuse so many feel free to heap on anyone who wants to tell the real facts in this case.

    3. I’m curious, because this has been presented as motive…

      Did the family also find a honeymoon? Much has been made out of the Sandals trip Google searches.

      Also, was the family aware of the couple’s imminent eviction and overdrafted bank accounts?

      I’m genuinely interested.

      1. The DA did make a big deal of the Sandals Google searches, but Rachel and Dan didn’t have a honeymoon planned at all. The searches just help to make Dan and Rachel look bad (worse?)

        1. Their friends have presented a different perspective on this in their interviews for Sleuth. I recommend listening to Audrey McVay’s interview. The honeymoon sounds like it was something that was very important. It may not have been worked, but it was something at least Rachel was stressing.

  12. DW killed innocent people because of greed, the fact he stole ANYTHING FINANCIAL from the victim makes it about greed. He was a broke community actor.

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