Rachel Buffett Court Date Set

On July 17, 2018, Rachel Buffett is once again going to court. It’s a Tuesday. I think this one might be for real. It looks like Rachel’s trial is actually going to happen.

More than a year after Daniel Wozniak was sentenced to death for the murders of Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi, Rachel will finally face charges for being an accessory after the fact. That’s the good news. At least for Sam’s and Julie’s loved ones, I assume. Steve Herr has often voiced frustration and anger about trial delays.

Rightfully so. His son was murdered over eight years ago.

Unfortunately, I personally wish this trial were pushed back just a couple more weeks. It turns out, my daughter needs to have all four wisdom teeth removed ASAP, and the surgery is the same day that Rachel’s trial is set to begin.  That’s the bad news.

I’m aware that my schedule is of no significance to anyone actually involved in this trial, but I’m still really annoyed by the timing. I have been promising you all that I’d keep you updated on Rachel’s case, and now I can’t go to the trial. Unless it happens to carry over to Monday, I probably won’t get to see any of it. I’m genuinely sorry, folks, but the care and maintenance of my kid will always take precedence.

If you’re thinking “Why can’t her husband take care of their daughter, so MM can go to the trial?” I can answer that question with one word – Comicon

There is always the possibility of another delay, but I feel rueful in wishing for that outcome because Sam’s and Julie’s loved ones deserve to have this over and done with.

I am hopeful though, that one or two of you might end up going to Rachel’s trial yourselves, and then comment about it. I’m sure all of us would appreciate any updates we can get. You should take notes.

I also hope the media will give Rachel’s trial a fair amount of attention, but it probably won’t be the same frenzy that surrounded Daniel’s trial.

By the way, I will buy the trial transcript. Transcripts are pretty pricey, but I shelled out for Daniel’s court transcript and it has been invaluable while working on the book.

And speaking of the book: I’m hard at work. Sometimes I don’t always have as much dedicated and undisturbed writing time as I’d like, but the book is getting written.

Most of the time I love writing. I feel energized when I am telling a compelling story.

Thank you so much STK for acting as my thesaurus via text.

I’ll admit that once in a while I have an aversion to the activity because the words aren’t flowing smoothly from my pen (cliché!) or I’m spending too much time worrying about being judged harshly by the readers for at least a dozen reasons…

I’ll get back to that discussion another time. The topic right now is Rachel and her trial. I really wish I could go to it, but maybe there is some fated reason that I shouldn’t be there. I’ll tell myself that.

Will Rachel Buffett testify? I’m not sure how her lawyer is going to defend her from these charges if Rachel doesn’t take the stand and explain why she was dishonest during police interviews.  We shall see.

Final note – San Quentin is on lockdown again. They have been on this “modified program” for a couple of weeks now. No visits, no phone, etc. I don’t think I’ve spoken to Daniel since the end of June. Luckily snail mail is still available.

UPDATE: July 17, 2018

Hello Readers,

I know this will be a shock for you, but it turns out Rachel Buffett’s trial has been postponed again. I have to say I really thought it was going to happen this time. It was in a courtroom on the eleventh floor and was starting on a Tuesday. My Magic 8 ball said “All signs point to yes.” Her new trial date is August 20, 2018.

I wasn’t in the courtroom, so I don’t know which side asked for the continuance or why, but I can’t deny I am pleased I don’t have to miss her trial.

Thank you for reading the blog!

18 thoughts on “Rachel Buffett Court Date Set”

  1. I don’t think they’ve even held Jury selection yet, have they? Or PreTrial Motions. I don’t remember a preliminary hearing either. So I highly doubt that the trial will begin and end on the 17th. ComiCon and Wisdom Teeth, both valid excuses I guess. But I was under the impression that you were writing this book in a professional manner which I would’ve imagined involved some type of help as in investigators, assistants, even just runners who would be able to attend if for whatever reason you couldn’t. I don’t know, perhaps this SoCal heat has been frying my brain and altering my perception of things but you’ve been seeming less and less interested with the book and the blog. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Hi Steven. The book is extremely important to me. It’s time consuming.
      I’d like to give the book even more of my time to consume, but life is pushy and claims a lot of my attention. As far as help and assistants – I have a friend named Matt who edits everything, keeps the blog and Facebook page running, and gives me regular pep talks. Other than that, it’s just me, myself, and I. Don’t let let that worry you. I’m a control freak, so I feel more comfortable handling doing most of the prep work myself.

      Wisdom teeth (all went well) and ComiCon (it’s for work, too) aside – The trial was postponed again.

      Thank you for reading the blog!

  2. What does Daniel say about Rachael’s involvement? Telling the truth would certainly be in his favor and he has nothing to gain by lying.

    1. Jean, Daniel may *think* he has something to gain by not telling the truth about Rachel. He said that he did the LockUp episode to try to get a message to her. I think he knows that if she is convicted of a felony, then she won’t be able to talk to him. Perhaps, he wants to keep the visitor door open with her. Rachel has a boyfriend, now. Before she deleted her Facebook profile, she changed her status to “engaged.” Daniel doesn’t have a chance with Rachel.

  3. Hi MM. Thanks for the information about Rachel Buffett’s up and coming trial. I, personally, do not believe that anything will become of the trial. Does she have any novel information which she has kept to herself all of these years? I doubt it very much. Yes, she lied to the police. Yes, she possibly knew more about what exactly happened eight years ago and did not divulge it at the time. Does that make her an accessory after the fact? I doubt it. I think her trial is something for the protocol, more than for anything else. I would not fret about missing the trial. Your daughter’s dental health is more important.
    Be that as it may, I really think it’s high time that you stop hiding behind your pseudo name of Murder Musings. Your real name is posted all over the Internet as Glendele. I am purposely not including your last name. Why are you still hiding under an assumed name? Come on out.

    1. I was hoping for an exciting “reveal” when the book comes out haha. Oh well – the internet is a lot faster I am at writing.

      Looks like I didn’t miss the trial though – I just added an update.

      I most interested in the possibility of seeing Rachel testify. I have been given a very different story of Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi’s murders, and I want to see if anything in Rachel’s trial proves or disproves this other story.

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. I too was hoping to attend the trail, unfortunately I’ll be out of town. Didn’t really want any more delays…..maybe just one more?

  5. Yes! Rachel Buffett’s first “official” official trial date is finally set. 08/20/2018, 09:00 AM, Jury Trial – C41. She has had 53 hearings and jury trial dates that, as expected, resulted in her trial being pushed back. The speculation over a year ago was that her trial would begin around September 2018.

  6. I may simply have missed it in all the discussion of this case, but what does Daniel Wozniak say about Rachel’s knowledge regarding the murders? I know many have decided her guilt based on association or her lack of emotion, but I would like to know what Daniel has said, if anything. Thank you

  7. Hey MM, thanks for the update on the new trial date. I put it in my phone calendar even though I’m 3000 miles away. I will definitely be checking this blog and the news that week. I have been watching a new series on Netflix called I am a Killer. It’s a documentary format hour long show about people who committed murder, are not contesting their guilt, and were given the death penalty. They interview the killers and people who love them as well as people who loved the victims. They also talk to police, jury members, lawyers, etc. who were involved in the case. It’s very interesting and it reminded me of Daniel’s case which made me think of this blog. It tells a unique story that you don’t get from a lot of these true crime docs.

  8. Now that Rachel is engaged I think Daniel will testify against her.

    Also some of the things she said about him (not attractive, small penis, annoying) probably hurts him.

    I think Rachel was the mastermind and forced Daniel to do her dirty work because he wanted to feel like a real man.

    1. Hey, Corny. Don’t count on testimony from Daniel. Now that he’s on death row, he would not have any credibility in a narrative. If he provided some physical evidence and that evidence implicated Rachel, then police can use what he says to build a case against Rachel. The evidence would have to be compelling.

      Compelling evidence, for example, could be if Rachel bought the bullets for the killings and that can be proven. Or, if there was something like, Julie had an anklet that Rachel wanted and then Rachel was found wearing the anklet and it could be tied back to Julie. Or if Rachel drove Wozniak around as part of the crime, like driving Wozniak back from dropping off Sam’s car. There would need to be something concrete; mere words would not be enough.

      I think you are right about Daniel committing the murders to impress Rachel.

  9. Just a reminder, Rachel Mae Buffet’s next Jury Trial hearing is set for 08/20/2018, 09:00 AM, in C41. This won’t be the start of the trial but it should lead to the start of jury selection and some date setting. This judge is working to move the case forward.

    1. yup. Once I saw Rachel Mae Buffet’s jury trial hearing date is set for 8/20/2018, I had to come here. Pretty excited.

  10. Are they asking her to plea bargain? Is that the reason for the trial delay?

    If she is found “guilty” the maximum sentence would be 4 years. If she plea bargained, she might not do any jail time at all.

  11. Hey MM,
    Your blog is good. Are you interested in a co-writer for your book? I think your writing style is similar to mine. Oh, and your love of ID discovery. I also have a law degree.

    Thank you

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