Rachel Buffett: Guilty

Today (September 12, 2018) at approximately 4:30 pm, Rachel Buffett was found guilty of both charges for accessory to murder after the fact.

Rachel was placed in handcuffs and she did not look back at her family before being taken out of the courtroom by an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Rachel will remain in custody until her sentencing, which is scheduled to take place in eight weeks.

Keep your eyes on the blog because I will have complete trial coverage coming soon!

21 thoughts on “Rachel Buffett: Guilty”

  1. Whoa! That is crazy! Can’t wait for the full story/trial coverage. Honestly, I am not surprised. Besides everything you have said here, I felt she was guilty of something. She just seemed like she was lying in all those talk shows she went on. It will be interest to hear what evidence backs that feeling up.

  2. Holy shit!!!! Im so happy to hear this!! I wish the max wasnt just 3 years though…i have a strong feeling she will be serving her max sentence! Just have a feeling

  3. So did you (author of this blog) agree with the verdict based on what you witnessed watching the Trial? Do you think the Defense presented a compelling enough case for Innocence? Do you think the politics and optics is what convicted Rachel ?

  4. Our legal system is so broken so unjust and so corrupt. This verdict was decided by idiots who went off of ZERO concrete evidence of any kind and it disgusts me. Rachel is a victim as many many wemon are to a monsterous psychotic evil lying man #metoo and her life has also been stolen from her by Dan’s actions and this joke of a legal system. How can you convict someone guilty on feelings and not evidential facts? Innocent until proven guilty my ass. This tragic wrong verdict only goes to show us all that should u ever have the opportunity to help and ultimately aide authorities in serving justice to a monster…Don’t help and just ask for a lawyer since these corrupt officials only used all of her kindness honesty and heartbroken shock against her just to delay and delay and delay trial RIDICULOUSLY for many years and ultimately just to “close” a case that she helped them crack every single way she could. What a fucking joke….there are awful actually guilty evil people walking free every day from court or jail or consequences for their crimes who deserve to be in jail but no instead a good kind hearted resilient courageous beautiful inside and out young woman whose innocence sits unjustly in their places… I just cannot believe any one could literally come to convict her guilty based off of Murphy’s soap opera joke of a trial of back to back “he said she said” performances without real evidence… How!???
    Don’t know how any of them can sleep at night…idiots…
    God be with Rachel through this nightmare. She deserved much better from her govnt her, legal system, befrom her country, and from her piers…

    1. I think she’s as guilty as hell. Why did she not stop the Murders if she was that perfect. Lock her up for life. She’s as guilty as he is. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if she put him up to it. Just my opinion. Time will tell.

      1. Given that you spare no effort in tarnishing Matt’s name and reputation at every opportunity online, one could say the same of you.

  5. “For example, I still don’t understand why he made sure both juries knew that murder victim Julie Kibuishi had a Taylor Swift ringtone on her cell phone. That is sad as hell, but not evidence of anything.”

    Because Matt Murphy is an idiot….

    1. This actually ties back to testimony from either the police or Steve Herr regarding hearing Julie’s ringtone when her body was found in Sam’s apartment. This was covered in the podcast Sleuth in one of the episodes, but I can’t recall when she mentioned it. I recommend listening to it. She interviewed everyone from Daniel Wozniak to Steve Herr to law enforcement. She has one episode that is mostly dedicated to hearing from Scott Sanders.


      Matt Murphy is a lot of things, but an idiot is not one of them. He certainly isn’t the most honest prosecutor out there and his tactics are problematic. But he’s not an idiot.

      1. Matt Murphy’s brother usually shows up if you pay Matt any praise. I wish I knew the whole backstory behind why the siblings hate each other. Matt seems like a genius and empathetic prosecutor to me. But I guess that’s only one side of him.

        1. Isadora, the brothers don’t “hate” each other. Andrew Ian Murphy developed substance abuse issues around the late-1980’s to 1990’s and mental health problems. He drives away people in his life that include his family. Andrew went to South America this past year and it could be that he is trying to find a way to take a boat to South Africa to follow a dream he has about South Africa. I think he is on a no-fly list, now.

          Andrew Ian’s late father helped build a system of care in Southern California and Napa dedicated to helping people like Andrew with mental health and substance abuse issues (https://www.exodusrecovery.com/). There is also a similar system in the Sacramento area. Both systems offer 24-hour crisis mental health care services and both were pioneered around a sort of mental health care renaissance in California in the 1990’s to respond to the needs of urgent and complex mental health care issues.

          Back in the 1960’s, California had a terrible response to mental health issues. The Lanterman-Petris-Short Act was enacted in 1972 to address these issues and protect individual rights. The Act was fraught with misinterpretation until a landmark case in 1987, Riese v. St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center. In the 1990’s, pioneers in mental health care built a foundation for the systems we have today that provide psychiatric care, provide crisis care, and protect the rights of people who need care.

          So, while Andrew Ian Murphy is a lost cause, thousands of people have been helped by his experience and his father’s dedication to helping people like Andrew Ian. I think it is sad that Andrew Ian never benefited from this care. I think it is devastating that Andrew Ian is using his personal issues to destroy his own son’s adolescence. That kid is still a kid and is at risk from his father who has admitted to violence with the boy’s mother, violence with both his parents and both his siblings, and violence with other people. Andrew Ian won’t post online anymore because I confront him about his issues and the welfare of his son.

          1. This is Matt Murphy’s brother here. I suppose I ought to defend myself a bit here, especially considering this bitch commenting here has been stalking me for about three years now. I have never met this woman, although people say this is a friend of my family. I’m not a drug user and have never had any such issues. I’m not on any no fly list or any such thing. But what I do is speak my mind freely and tell the truth, which people don’t seem to like much. My family are scumbags who have broken the law freely throughout my life. When I was 14 I stabbed my brother in self defense, something he won’t tell you about.

  6. I have been reading this excellent blog about this tragic murder case, and researching on other sources as well. I look forward to your book. Anyway, from everything I have looked at, Rachel was way more involved in the planning of these murders than just an accessory. She and Dan scouted locations where the murders later took place. She likely saw Dan using Sam’s phone to send those texts to Julie. I think the prosecution wanted to make sure Dan was convicted of murder. Dan likely could have provided testimony against Rachel but chose not to share all that he knew. Prosecutors knew they could nail Rachel on the accessory charges but lacked enough evidence to prove a case for accomplice (or even murder charges). I think Rachel was definitely pulling the strings – that doesn’t absolve Dan Wozniak in any way of his responsibility for the murders. He could have refused to participate, warned his friends and called the authorities. Hopefully we will learn more later about the true motives for these senseless murders.

  7. This is Andrew Ian Murphy writing to answer the insults and lies posted above by some woman named Rennee.

    This person is a stalker who has spent the last couple of years harrassing me both online and offline. I have never met this person and simply refused to have contact with her.

    She constantly calls the police on me and constantly sends harrassing messages to me, me ex-wife and to my son, who is a minor.

    I have no idea about her except that she makes up lies about me .

    I do suspect this person does not really exist, but is someone from my family simply out to hurt me and my son as much as possible in any way they can.

    1. You are a total joke, Andrew Murphy. EVERYONE is a scum bag except yourself? Poor little baby. You have demanded attention all your life and refused to make anything of yourself. The minute you feel no one is coddling you, you go off the deep end and blame everyone for your mental instability. If you had anything substantial in your life, you’d go live it away from all your horrible peeps and stop talking about them all the time. Obviously you love the drama and cannot move on, because you’re always talking about Matt and how you can’t stand him. I know the kind of person you are, and you have spent your life making your loved ones exhausted and pushing them away to the point where they’re relieved not to have to deal with your unstable ass. Got a life, dude.

  8. Honestly no one is perfect except Lord Jesus. Could someone please tell me if Matt Murphy is married?

  9. As a journalist I was involved in this case fron day one. I sat right next to the Buffett family every time and find the above telling of the trial to have an interesting almost personal slant to it. Why does the author seem to have a personal dislike for her family? Which is seen in how they are referenced in the writing. If you didn’t see how upset/emotional they were then 1. There is no way you were sitting next to them/near them or 2. Your purposely painting them in a wrong light. Interestingly Dan’s father is mentioned in a good light, yet Dan isn’t as referenced by supposed interviews. Dan’s father was a wife beater and abusive towards his kids not a model citizen. Why didn’t Dan implicate Rachel in his trial if she had any involvement? He could have saved himself Death Row by doing so. My interviews found direct opposite opinions regarding their relationship being controlled by Rachel. Never mentioned is that a lead police investigator was caught lying and when this was pointed out by the court he left the stand so pissed off he slammed both the door going out. This piece has too many red flags leaving me to question who really is writing this piece.

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