Daniel Wozniak Has Left San Quentin

Daniel Wozniak has left San Quentin. He is no longer housed in California’s only death row prison.

You probably already figured out that Daniel did not “leave” in the same way a Texas death row inmate might leave.

The Pilot Program

Almost a year ago, Daniel signed up for a pilot transfer program to move death row inmates to prisons where they can get prison jobs. He was quickly approved.

This does not change his status as a condemned prisoner. It also doesn’t change the fact that he gets an appeal lawyer / process paid for by the taxpayers.

Death row inmates are being moved to make space for new condemned prisoners. Even though there is a moratorium against executions in California, prosecutors are still pursuing the death penalty and juries continue to choose the ultimate punishment.

Immediately after being accepted to the pilot program, Daniel spent a week going through the majority of his property so he could organize and pack it for easy transfer. For months, he and I were both ready for him to be shipped out any day. If he missed a scheduled phone call or was even an hour late, I was sure he was on that bus, and I was happy for him.

After many months of that… I basically forgot about the whole thing.

Moving Day

But last week, Daniel got the official go-ahead to prepare to leave San Quentin. He was told to pack up his property (it still was) and prepare to turn it over so it could be taken away for inspection.

Daniel was only one of about fifteen other DR inmates being prepared for transfer. None of the prisoners were told their destination, and would not find out where they were going until they were on the bus (a logical safety protocol, because there is always the chance somebody might plan an ambush of the bus in an attempt to escape).

Still, there was a consensus among the prisoners that Monday, July 12th, 2021 would be moving day because it would take a couple of days for all their property to be inspected, and transfers rarely happen on the weekends. Another big clue was that those prisoners were all given COVID-19 tests on Sunday morning.

By the time our scheduled Tuesday phone call came and went without hearing from Daniel, I knew he was on his way someplace.

Daniel Wozniak’s New Location

Three days later, I got my first letter from Daniel in his new “home.” It was a short letter to let me know where he ended up: Salinas Valley State Prison in northern California. This is still a six-hour drive for me, and no longer very close to my friends in San Francisco, but I will visit him there when all the pandemic protocols allow it.

They had indeed traveled on Monday the 12th, and weren’t told they were going to Salinas until the bus started to move. Daniel was glad the trip was only three hours instead of the ten to get to Donovan. He did, however, really enjoy looking out the window during the drive. He hasn’t seen the real world in five years. He told me it was an even more important experience for his buddy “Scooter,” who has been on death row for the past thirty years.

Daniel ended the letter saying he’ll call me (after he calls him mom) as soon as he is processed. He also promised that he’s been taking copious notes and will write and tell me all about his new life ASAP.

He ended with “You’re not going to believe this place!”

I took this to mean Salinas is an improvement to being on death row in San Quentin. He had already expected that because he had been doing research on it and on Donovan for a while. When I know more information, I will give you readers the 411 on Daniel’s new digs.

No Housewarmings

I hope my friend will be happy in his new home.

Still, it’s no condo, and I won’t be bringing a houseplant to his housewarming.

Because… Daniel Wozniak is a murderer.

Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi are dead because of Daniel. Neither of these young people will ever move into a new home, or get to come home at all. There won’t be any housewarmings.

That’s a reality that must be unbearable for all the people who loved Sam and Julie, and I’m pretty sure it will be made worse when they learn this killer won’t even be suffering the punishment of living in a tiny cold cell on death row.

~ To be continued ~

13 thoughts on “Daniel Wozniak Has Left San Quentin”

  1. Do you really believe that people like him can change? It’s a real question I’m very curious. Your blog is so interesting! I firmly believe that rachel it’s guilty of making all this happen

  2. Has anyone seen the actual footage Daniel being asked by police what was going through your head when you were dismembering the body, dismembering Sam? And Daniel saying “I was actually smiling and laughing”

    There are two people who will never get to live another day. Not to mention their families were robbed of love and joy. All because of 60k a veteran EARNED serving his country and the collateral damage in an attempt to fool the police. Two lives snuffed out in a instant.
    The comments saying I know his fiancé made him do it are preposterous! If a grown ass man kills someone it’s solely his decision and the least important thing in this entire situation!
    I think he deserves the death sentence, not sitting on the phone talking about sandwiches. It is so selfish to sit here and worry about what happens to Daniel and fight for Daniels conditions! Why isn’t anyone fighting for Sam and Julie? Oh yeah that’s right they were murdered…by Daniel and one of them even had their head and limbs cut off with a hack saw and then left for animals to eat his carcass.

    1. Daniel seemed detached from it all, (his initial arrest, interrogation, etc.)
      The bald musician cancer-man should have been charged with something other than just the ‘ho-hum, run of the mill’ testicular cancer that will surely spread to his cock, lungs & brain, (the boomerang of PAYBACK, bitch!)
      In closing, Woz has found peace in the valley somehow, seems to me.
      No more p***y-whipped’ Wozniak who apparently snapped under Rachel’s ‘Hell Hath No Fury…’, along with the make believe mob who were poised to break both his & Rachel’s legs for not repaying Bald Cancer Man’s cash loan to the 2 star-crossed lovers, Dan & Rach.

    2. Thank you Sadie923! Well said and I completely agree with you! He does deserve his death sentence and the parents/families also deserve to be alive to see his death sentence completed. Something is so wrong with this state!! And we all pay for the inmates, medical care is just the beginning!!! I am appalled at Govenor Newsom, caring more about this monster and all other death row inmates, what about the families that are now victims in this sad and unfair murder. They deserve justice!! A jury chose DEATH as his sentence, why have jury go through go through that torment and then ignore the punishment??? It is so very sad that all families might not live long enough to see this monster be put to death in their lifetime. Normally I am not really on board for Death. However in this case the Jury NAILED !!! Wake up Newsom, listen to the victims family and give them closure. It is just WRONG!!!

    3. I agree completely. This man is a narcissist and isn’t human. He should have been put to death by now. People always forget the victims, they are the ones that matter!!!! It is sick that anyone is interested in this murderer.

  3. Who in the world ok’d this monstor’s transfer?!? What were they thinking! Were the families of the murdered victims allowed a say? What garbage. He should die and die now. Not receive legal advice we have to pay for or three hots and a cot. Kill him now. Get it over with. I am tired of paying for garbage to receive medical care, cable TV, gym memberships, libraries, etc on our dime. This has happened b/c our representatives have been bribed by corporations who build these prisons, stock them and staff them and make millions off the tax payers! This is big business people. We need a revolt by the middle class – “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!”

  4. I want to know where the veterans are: get together and fight for justice when one of their own is literally killed and mutilated by a coward who sat here safe and sound during the war. Someone who is jealous of his pay for his service! I was a nurse during Viet Nam war in a military hospital. This is why there must be a draft for ALL men and women. Three years. NO excuses: no going to England like Bill Clinton, who also had his friends in Washington get him a higher number in the draft lottery. Everyone serves. Just like in Israel. Then everyone knows what it’s like.

    1. Bill Clinton avoided the draft by receiving draft deferments due to his enrollment at the University of Oxford. He eventually registered for the draft, but secured a high lottery number, meaning he knew he was unlikely to ever be called up..
      Trump received military draft deferments five times — once for bone spurs in his feet and four times for college. But that those two weren’t especially uncommon in that regard. They would of been press gained into military during the Vietnam War.. a massive dumpster fire from day one and something to be avoided if at all possible.
      And I’m not sure if I agree with automatically forcing people into the military for three years, taking from away their freedom and agency.
      Though if people were given incentives for military service, like say having higher education paid for by the state or federal government that might be a beneficial arrangement for all involved. But even then it’s a slippery slope to start pressing people into military service. When citizens lose that kind of power it’s really difficult to get back again.

  5. “Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi are dead because of Daniel.”

    Can you please posit that reminder to yourself and everyone who reads your blog at the beginning and end of every post??

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