There’s More To The Story On Social Media

Hey folks,  just a quick post this week.  There’s a lot going on with Daniel’s case right now.

Most of it is related to the larger issue shaking up the Orange County courts.   Daniel’s lawyer, Scott Sanders, has made accusations of prosecutorial misconduct in Daniel’s case, and in numerous other cases spanning the past thirty years.  There is plenty on the web and in print about it.  I’ve been posting links whenever I find them on the my Facebook page… which I hope you’ll follow!

The Daniel Wozniak Is My Friend Facebook page gets a lot of feedback that doesn’t appear here on the blog. There have been some pretty intense conversations there with people you might be surprised to see.

On that subject… I’ve had a few surprises in the past week.

Steve Herr, father of murder victim Sam Herr, is one of those people I never expected to see posting on my Facebook page.  He has been polite and forthcoming.  He’s asked valid questions, and I’ve tried to answer them.

My answers may have been misconstrued, though.  It is my understanding (Daniel told me — I wasn’t there) that this lil’ old blog actually became a topic of discussion in court last week.  More than once.

I didn’t see that coming, so I need a little time to suss it all out and write a proper post about how it feels to interact with Mr. Herr, and also about my own anxieties and thoughts on becoming this involved with the story.

Next week: a full length blog post!

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2 thoughts on “There’s More To The Story On Social Media”

  1. I do not think it is a good idea to discuss your interactions with Steve Herr here since he posted on your Facebook page and not here. He is a private person advocating for justice for his son. I think it would be inappropriate to discuss anyone in an online forum where they have not opened a discussion.

    You mentioned in an early post on your blog when you were still keeping Daniel anonymous that you asked his permission before sharing his name or discussing your interactions with him. Unless you get permission from Steve Herr, you should probably respect his privacy as you did Daniel’s.

  2. And so the family’s are victimized yet again by social media.

    I am so sorry Sam’s dad had to endure your blog as you support the butcher that killed his son.

    Pure Theatre…

    But then Dan is your friend ….
    You get your name in lights on the backs of his dead victims.

    That’s talent.

    Your friend deserves to die for his crimes but the injustice here is his leading lady won’t get the recognition she deserves .

    As a fellow thespian if I were to imagine reading the story of these murders as a play.

    .I would swear to god the plot was written by a woman.

    Gods speed Sam and Julie..

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