Rachel Buffett’s August 23, 2018 Court Appearance

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, there was yet another court appearance for Rachel Buffett.

There was another trial taking place in courtroom C41 when I arrived. This was a pretty good sign that Rachel’s trial would not begin that morning.

Steve and Raquel Herr sat on a bench across from the courtroom door. I’d be concerned if I didn’t see them there. They’re always there. Seeking justice. It can’t be how they imagined spending their retirement years.

I said “good morning,” and sat on a different bench around a hallway corner.  I never want to encroach upon their personal space.

The courtroom door opened and those involved in the other trial filed out into the hallway for a morning break.  Steve, Raquel, and a few others made there way into the courtroom. I followed a moment later and sat in the back corner of the spectator seats. Pretty much all the same people were in attendance. Masa Kibuishi arrived a few minutes later.

Always there. Seeking justice.

The “blond coalition” (Rachel Buffett and her family and friends) always enter as a group just before the proceedings are set to begin.

District Attorney Matt Murphy was the only expected face missing, but he was able to make a dramatic last minute entrance, explaining he’d been delayed by a freeway closure on the I-5.

When court was called to order, Judge Hanson said her current trial would be finished that afternoon and the Buffett trial would commence on Wednesday, August 29th at 9 am, and she would be ready to “hear arguments” from the attorneys at that time.

There was no mention at all about a jury.

All you True Crime fans know that a defendant has the right to choose a bench trial instead of a jury trial. This means the decision of guilt or innocence is entirely left up to the judge.

It would be an interesting strategy on the part of Rachel’s defense attorney. A bench trial is a way to make sure emotions don’t influence the results. I had to wonder if that’s why there was no talk of seating a jury on Wednesday morning.

I’ll keep you all updated as soon as I know something.

6 thoughts on “Rachel Buffett’s August 23, 2018 Court Appearance”

  1. I just saw on People.com that they’re doing a big podcast on this trial. How do you feel this will compete with your book, which seems to be taking a long time to complete?

  2. The Ann Rule method of financial security … SMH. Haven’t these 2 shit bags had enough words written about them?

  3. Rachel Buffett’s hearing was held several days ago. Is there anything to report about the hearing? We understand that the next hearing is scheduled for September 4, 2018, which means that the case seems to be proceeding at a very speedy pace, relative to what has been the case up till now. Will this be a jury trial?

  4. Rachel Buffett family on maternal side had NF2. Fifty percent chance to each child of having this rare genetic mutation. Involves 22 chromosome and merlin. But no magic just horrible tumors. Sad. I was present when rachel’s grandmother and two sisters had a meeting. Her great aunt screamed in grief and said she just found out she had a brain tumor and under three months to live. And so it was. Marianne and her five sisters and two brothers did not warn perspective spouses of NF2 nor that kids could have it. They must each and all their kids be tested for NF2. It is a process. It grows like roots thru ethe spine and brain. Her aunt had a large tumor removed as a teenager.

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