Rachel Buffett’s August 29, 2018 Court Appearance

First, I’m going to admit I was wrong when I suggested in my last post that Rachel Buffett might be choosing to have a bench trial instead of a jury trial. I only wondered about this when I noticed there had been no mention of a jury in Rachel’s previous two hearings.  Maybe I watch too much TV, but it would be an interesting defense strategy to leave Rachel Buffett’s fate entirely in the hands of Judge Sheila Hanson.

That is not the case. The jury selection process for Rachel’s trial will begin on Tuesday, September fourth, at nine am.

I know I’ve said this before, and I’ve probably gotten your hopes up in the past, but folks, I really think this time it’s going to happen. After eight years, Rachel Buffett will finally have her day in court. This will be her chance to clear her name and prove she was not an accessory (after the fact) to the murders of Sam Herr or Julie Kibuishi.

It’s important to point out that Rachel is not being charged for the actual murders of Sam or Julie. A thorough and arduous investigation by the Costa Mesa Police hasn’t turned up enough evidence to prove Rachel’s involvement was equal to Daniel Wozniak’s.

However, even during Wozniak’s trial, lead investigator Lt. Ed Everett admitted on the stand that he believed Rachel Buffett should be facing the same capital murder charges as her ex-fiancée.

Admittedly, I’m more curious to hear about the investigation into Rachel’s case than I was about Daniel’s.

I had a lot more information about Daniel and his murder investigation. I also knew Daniel Wozniak was not going to take the stand, and that meant his own confession was going to weigh heavily on the jury’s decision.  I was sure Daniel would be found guilty and that he’d likely get the death penalty.  Daniel Wozniak’s trial held very few surprises for me.

Rachel’s Buffett’s trial is a complete unknown.

During the August 29th hearing, it was established that her trial is expected to take ten days. The amount of time surprised me, considering her charges aren’t that complicated.

The police say she lied to them during their investigation into Sam’s and Julie’s murders. Rachel has claimed this was all a misunderstanding. She had no knowledge and gave no intentional assistance to Daniel Wozniak regarding either of the murders.  Rachel Buffett didn’t confess to anything. Daniel Wozniak confessed to everything.

I have no doubt that Rachel and her defense team will strongly fight any charges against her.

If Rachel or any of her supporters (whom I’ve nicknamed “The Blonde Coalition”) are worried about Rachel’s fate, they certainly aren’t showing any signs of concern while in the courtroom.  I believe both her parents and all three of her siblings were in court on Wednesday showing united support from behind Rachel, who was now officially sitting at the defendants’ table (I believe she stood at a podium previously, but I haven’t been to every one of Rachel’s court appearances).

Steve and Raquel Herr, the parents of murder victim Sam Herr, would be the ones to ask. They have been to every court appearance.  Steve was recently quoted in The LA Times, saying, “We’re ready for another jury trial.”

I don’t doubt that for one minute.

Despite of my friendship with the man who murdered their only son, they’ve shown me nothing but politeness and consideration. Sitting outside of Courtroom 41 last Wednesday morning, I wished Raquel Herr “good luck,” regarding the upcoming hearing. It was the best I could think of at the time.

She smiled at me and thanked me. She also said something I couldn’t quite make out because of her Spanish accent… but I understood the gist of it.

She appreciated my sentiment, but luck wouldn’t be necessary.  Jesus has got this.

I don’t doubt that either.

More updates to come as the trial progresses.

4 thoughts on “Rachel Buffett’s August 29, 2018 Court Appearance”

  1. omg the suspense is killing me!! I watched the Dateline episode when it originally aired a few years ago and it has ALWAYS stuck with me. It was just so incredibly disturbing that they could actually murder people for something as stupid as financing their wedding. The greed and the fact that he was a veteran who earned his money defending our country made it just so despicable. And then to throw away Julie’s life like it was nothing. A few months ago I decided to follow up on the story and i found your blog. There’s no way my husband could do something like this without me knowing about it or being in on it. Thats why anyone with a brain doesn’t buy Rachel’s innocence. But knowing something and proving something are two different things! I hope Rachel gets her Karma. I will be following along during this!

  2. Do not apologize for anything as far as this reader! You take me with you through every twist & turn of this dark & alluring tale. My gut tells me Rachael is not eveil – her raw sexual energy drove DW to ghastly acts tantamount to king David’s & act of lust & desire for Bathsheba.
    DW was the fat kid in school who finally got to ‘nail’ the head cheerleader.
    (‘Head’ being the operative word here perhaps.

  3. Linda Sawyer is NOW revealing how Dan got Sam’s pin. This has been obvious for quite a lengthy period of time. Her second podcast was a re-hash of Dr. Phil (but for mentioning Wesley).

    Her voice is great but beyond that, the content is poor and does not reveal any “new” information. Does the public have to wait until October or November, well after Rachel is convicted and sentenced to Chowchilla, to hear about drunk and drugged Rachel (she loves her bath salts) telling Dan to burn the body?

    MM, I love you and Handmade Guitar Abraham is the youngest and should not be forgotten. They all attend court hearings because they really do not work, based on the principles of Marianne, David, Cottonwood, et al. “Better than.”

    Regarding Linda Sawyer and Wesley, I asked a while ago about Wesley, Caltech, and his businesses. LE let him go. Linda has not interviewed him, and will not. Wesley should certainly factor in your book.

    On another note, Daniel should focus on doghouses and his court-appointed attorney application.

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